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The Best of Gurgaon

Gone are the days when Gurgaon was a just a small town near New Delhi. Today, it is a happening corporate hub, with offices of all big wigs of most industries, jostling for space in the immaculate high streets of the town. With its proximity to Delhi a huge boon for employers and investors, it has today turned out to be a huge money puller, when it comes to business and making a mark. Following its popularity, it is very obvious that a lot of people now travel to Gurgaon for specific purposes, which in turn means that the need for good hotels is a must.

Accommodation In Gurgaon
If you are looking for a comfortable hotel in Gurgaon, then you will not have to search for a long time. The town is choc-a-bloc with fantastic accommodation options, which suit every taste and every budget. For the high end traveller, there are five stars galore, while for the mid manager level, there are thousands of hotels to choose from. But the best bit about Gurgaon is that most hotels, no matter what the price, maintain a certain standard of services and amenities, such as plush beds, beautiful decor, coffee stations inside the room, couches, writing desk, in room safes, laundry service, room service, in room dining arrangements, dry cleaning services, and in some cases, baby sitting services as well. Add to it, the fantastic options for food that most of these hotels have in their restaurants, you have the perfect recipe for a vacation or a work trip. For these eating joints are known to offer all kinds of foods and cuisines, from all over the country and world.

Party time
Apart from providing amazing accommodation options, these hotels double up as party venues for the people of the town. Be it a small gathering or a huge one, most hotels are known to provide all kinds of spaces that can be tailored to suit the needs, taste and purse sizes of the customer requesting the use of the same. Usually each of these party halls in Gurgaon comes with its own group of party planners, decorators, caterers and ushers, who help out the customer is every step of the way – from planning the theme, the decor, the way the guests will be received to the very minute details of the food, the cutlery and the return gifts that need to be planned and arranged for. And that makes the package wholesome and fantastic!