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Top 5 Reason's That Make New York A Travelling Hot Spot

If there's a destination that can overwhelm you with its sheer size, energy and spark, it is definitely New York City. Starting from the luxurious Hotels in New York, famous landmarks, exquisite boutiques and going to the wonderful nightlife that exists there, one will never want to come back.


The general opinion of people dictates the following reasons to make it the best city in the world:

  • Iconic Buildings and Landmarks- Places likes the brilliantly vibrant Times square, Brooklyn Bridge, Central park, Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madison Square and The Statue of Liberty don't even have to be described or defined by anyone. Each and every person is aware about the buzz that surrounds these places. Though it might seem like a typical tourist description, one simply doesn't return from New York without visiting these places.
  • Amazing Fine Dining and Fast Food Options: New Yorkers are indulgent people with excellent taste in food. Visitors get to experience the most luxurious dining experience at places like Awadh for excellent Indian dishes, Berg'n for pizzas and The Gander for delicious soup and salads.Food trucks and stalls are found around every street with quick food menus that people love to grab on the go- it matches up to the pace and taste.
  • Top-notch Boutiques and Showrooms: The rich have the privilege to go and shop generously in places like Fifth Avenue, West Village and Upper East Side. The Swedish Hastens furniture showroom, Atrium jewelry showroom, Dylan's Candy Store, Saks apparel and accessoriessummarize very compactly what the huge arena of shopping the city offers to all.
  • Sports Bars, Lounges and the Ever-Popular nightclubs: The city thrives on glamour and boundless energy. Bill's Place, a wonderful Jazz club opened up and offered a pleasant and warm atmosphere the visitors. Shakin' all over has the best rock music and Faces and Names lounge has the best ambience to relax. There are also endless themed parties, organized ballroom events and other fantastic nightlife descriptions that simply take your breath away. The city comes alive at night.
  • Go Team: New Yorkers being avid sport lovers, always give attendance and support basketball, hockey and baseball teams. The 2015 NBA all-star weekend is going to be a rage for the slammers and Dunkers. Travelers can organize their visit in accordance to such sporting events and activities to get an experience of the best crowd in the world.

An excellent stay at Hotels in New York, coupled with a healthy dose of the city's energy will give you the best memories to last a lifetime. Go there with a proper time on your hands so that not a single place is missed out during the visit.