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Places to Visit in Dadar Region of Mumbai – Top 3 Most Important Places

Dadar is basically a residential as well as shopping district and it is also considered as a prominent transit hub, having local as well as worldwide connectivity. Not to mention separately, Dadar is one of the major districts of Mumbai, having quite a high impact over the local economy of the city. The region has been divided in two potions and they are Dadar East and Dadar West. Being a residential district, along with a shopping district, it is obvious that the region is highly crowded. However, it has a unique charm for which travelers often search for Hotels in Dadar for their trip to Mumbai. From this place, a major portion of the Mumbai city can be explored without any transportation hassles.


In the following portion of the article, we shall find the 3 easy accessible places from Dadar and will learn some general things about those places. For visiting those places, it is important that one should find good hotels in Dadar for safe as well as cozy accommodations. So, here are the top 3 places that one must visit in Mumbai from its Dadar region:

1. Visit Shivaji Park

At the top of the list, we have Shivaji Park, which is the biggest park of the city of Mumbai. It is a popular hangout place for young people, kids and old people. Built over 27.907 acres area, the p0ark is divided in different portions. Some of its important portions are Children's section, Nana-Nani Park, Shivaji Park Gymkhana, the Bengal Club, Library, etc. The park is not just nicely decorated with lush green trees, but it is also maintained with high precision. The refreshing aura within the park is just amazing and worth to be experienced. In the morning, it remains joggers' paradise, while in the evening the park can be found bustling with the noises of playing kids. Take a gentle walk in the park and enjoy spending some quality time with your partner here. There are some popular food joints within the park.

2. Swatantrayaveer Savarkar Smarak Auditorium

It is basically a memorial, dedicated to the nationalist hero of Mumbai, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Savarkar used to conduct lectures and seminars at this place for awaking people and spurring the feelings of nationalism in their minds. He is one of the most famous as well as notable freedom fighter of India, having many sagas of bravery under his name. The place houses a small library and a museum, where life of Savarkar has been featured.

3. Explore Five Gardens

Dadar district of Mumbai should be remembered to the tourists for plenty of famous gardens. Five Gardens is yet another visiting place in this district of Mumbai City, offering charming or refreshing aura to the travelers. Take an easy stroll inside the garden – enjoy some blissful moments amidst the lush greeneries.

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