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Why service apartments make so much sense to travelers?

You're planning a family vacation and have selected the holiday destination as well. However, you're not sure about the accommodation. Chances are you'll opt for a hotel room (s) or resort. How about trying something really new, really exciting this time as your accommodation?

We're talking about serviced apartments.

Here are 4 big benefits of serviced apartments.

They are ideal for long holidays

Whether you want a one-night stay or for two, full months, you'll find your ideal holiday home in a serviced apartment. The total occupancy cost also comes down drastically when you take a service apartments in Gurgaon (or, elsewhere) for a good number of days. In a nutshell, a serviced apartment in Gurgaon turns out a much more attractive option than a hotel room.

You get a kitchenette

You get this kitchenette to make your own food whenever you feel hungry. This means you can shop for the food from the local markets and cook the same in a fully equipped kitchenette. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments feel like homes. If you're traveling with kids, then these apartments turn out all the more viable.

Studio apartments, 2-room apartments, 3-room apartments

If you are holidaying with your family, you need bigger space. And this is where a service apartment comes into the scene.

If you're traveling alone, you can get into a studio apartment, which is essentially a one-bedroom apartment. When you've your family with you, you can opt from a 2-room or 3-room apartment. Plus, you get a host of services and amenities that you expect from a 5–star hotel.

More space

A service apartment offers you relatively more space than a hotel room. You get space to eat, sleep, and work. Hotel rooms are usually not made for such purposes. To see the rooms, you can log on to the websites of some of the serviced apartments and check out their serviced apartments' page.

Last, but not the least, if serviced apartments do not excite you, hotels are always there with rooms. So, if it is your first time and you are a little apprehensive about serviced apartments, then you can do this: book an apartment for 2-3 nights, and see whether you're finding it good enough to stay for all your holiday period, or would like to move to a nearby hotel. Chances are you'd stick with the serviced apartment and not move to a hotel room.

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