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Tourist Attractions in Sherwood Park Hotel

Sherwood Park is now one of the most visited and attractive tourist attractions of the world that hosts a large number tourists from all over the world. The reviews on different websites from different people show that people keeps positive views about the Sherwood Park attractions and the Sherwood Park hotel to stay.

By looking the hustle and bustle in the settlement, the hotel business is at peak in the Sherwood Park. Following are some of the most visited tourist attractions that attract thousands of tourists every year in the region.

West Edmonton Mall

If you find keen of the shopping and you entertainment in shopping, the West Edmonton Mall is the best place for you and your family. You can find the amazing things over there that can make your trip full of enjoy. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sherwood Park and receives a large number of tourists every day. It is also known as an entertainment complex among the visitors.

EIK Island National Park

 EIK Island National Park is the oldest tourist attraction in Canada and Sherwood Park that remain opened throughout the year. It is a federal wildlife sanctuary founded in 1906 by the old Canadian government. You can enjoy the wild life over there with your family safe and sound. The management of the EIK Island National Park has made enough security arrangement to protect you and your family from animals and to enjoy the real wildlife in its real spirit.

Fort Edmonton Park

Come out of the Sherwood Park hotel and enjoy the beauty of this oldest civilization of the Canada. You will consider yourself as you are in the 18th century because the government of Canada protected this heritage from recent developments and modern changes to provide best possible view of their old civilization. The life in the streets of the fort did not change at all. I assure you will enjoy the tea in the street of this fort better than that of your Sherwood Park hotel.  

Strathcona Country Museum and Archive

Open in 1997 for the public visits, the Strathcona Country Museum and Archive is located in Sherwood Park hotel. The history of Strathcona country is preserve in this museum. The people with the keen interest of the history never leave this place unattended.

Cultural Heritage Village of Ukrainian

Cultural Heritage Village of Ukrainian is another historical place to visit and such an amazing place to visit with your family.  Some people hesitate of visiting this place because of name as Cultural Heritage Village of Ukrainian. Some think that you must be Ukrainian to visit this place and the other people are not allowed to this place; but it is not a complete story. There is no any restriction for anyone to visit this place. Whether you are Canadian or any foreigner from any country; you are welcomed. The people are friendly, loving and cooperative and love to meet with the tourist. The tea and coffee of this place is famous in the Canada.