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Hwange National Park and the Matopos Hills

Zimbabwe is one of the best places for guests to experience the best of true Africa.  Zimbabwe, just like South Africa is home to Africa's big five animals (the black/white rhino, the African lion, the African elephant, the leopard and the Cape buffalo).  Despite these famous animals, the nation is also home to other abundant species and diverse bird life. This article shall briefly describe two fantastic safari destinations in Zimbabwe: Hwange National Park and the Matopos Hills

Hwange National Park is situated approximately one hour's drive south of the Victoria Falls.  The National Park was formerly the Royal hunting grounds of the Ndebele Warrior-King: Mzilikazi.  It was in 1929 that this special place was set aside as a National Park.

Within the Park there are camping areas and other forms of accommodation that can safely host guests as they experience real Africa.  There are also braai and picnic areas within the park that are also protected from the animals.

Guests are guaranteed to be enthralled as they explore this wildlife paradise.  Guests can engage in a range of activities here:  Visitors enjoy exciting game drives where there is always a chance to witness something special, unusual or simply fascinating.  This is one place where you don't want to make the mistake of forgetting your camera or batteries.

This National Park boasts a tremendous selection of wildlife with more than 100 mammals, including Africa's Big 5, as well as nearly 400 recorded bird species.  The African elephants of Hwange are world famous and the Park's elephant population is one of the largest in the world.  Wildlife programs such as Big Five Challenge on Animal Planet are shot from this location.

The second wonderful destination is the Matopos Hills National Park This National Park boasts the largest concentration of leopards on Earth.  The park is also famous for its large concentration of black eagles and raptors.

The historical figure; Cecil John Rhodes, was stupified and left breathless upon seeing this beautiful part of Africa.  Rhodes, who was familiar with Southern- Africa, concluded that this was the most beautiful place on the continent.  In his final will, left instructions to bury him in the Matopos Hills where he would rest in peace amongst the truest African beauty.  Rhodes grave is situated in a scenic location within the Matopos Hills known as the "World's View".

In June 2003, the Park was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status.  Some of the oldest rock paintings are found here.  Guests have the opportunity to travel back in time and have a glimpse into the ancient lives of some of the earliest human in Africa.

In conclusion, Hwanage National Park and the Matopos Hills are wonderful places to visit in Zimbabwe on safari.  They epitomize the best of Africa.  Any guests daring enough to book safari packages and visit this part of the world are sure to be impressed and enjoy and wonderful time