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Top Activities that will make your Trip to St Thomas Enjoyable

Got your flight tickets for US Virgin Islands? Got a reservation in one of the finest St Thomas hotels? Then, you must be busy in packing now. Amidst the packing and all other holiday preparations, you need to take some time out to know about the attractions awaiting your visit on St Thomas Island and also about the entertaining activities that will double your holiday fun. This will help you plan your days there and you will be able to make the most out of your vacation.

Here are the top four activities that will make your trip to St Thomas Island full of fun, entertainment and excitement.

Take the Virgin Island Ecotour

The fun on St Thomas Island starts with the Virgin Island Ecotour. It will take you closer to nature and you will feel nothing but wow. You can either take the guided tour or set for exploring the wonders there on your own. Coral World Ocean Park offers a tryst with the vibrant Caribbean marine world while Mangrove Lagoon and Hassel Island provide exciting kayaking, hiking and snorkelling experiences.

Go for scuba diving

The Caribbean is world famous for its marvelous marine life and great dive sites. So, can St Thomas Island be an exception? Certainly not. The island offers thrilling scuba diving opportunities. Swim past sea turtles, sea whips, blue tang, parrotfish and dive through caves to cherish a memorable underwater escapade. It is worth mentioning that not all dive sites are open round the year and many diving destinations here provide night scuba diving experience. If you are a diving aficionado, you may come to St Thomas Island one more time during summer or fall months as you will get awesome visibility at about 60 to 80 feet down the sea.

Explore Charlotte Amalie

Devote a day to discover the wonderful surrounds of Charlotte Amalie. You will love it for sure. The tiny houses with their roofs drenched in red, the grassy hills at the background and the small shops selling lovely antique items that you can take as souvenirs; the overall atmosphere is breathtaking. There are gourmet restaurants offering delectable Caribbean cuisine and also other continental dishes. Skip dinners at the eateries inside St Thomas hotels and indulge in nice dining experiences at the fancy eating hubs at Charlotte Amalie.

Take pleasure in snorkelling

If you nurture a penchant for snorkelling, you have every reason to be happy on St Thomas Island. This place has got perfect geographical conditions for snorkelling. The sea is calm, the water currents are low and the water temperature is pleasant and add to that, there are breathtaking underwater vistas.

These four activities are a must to do on your trip to St Thomas Island. Along with these, try to visit the Blackbeard's Castle and experience the St Thomas Paradise Skyride.

If you feel a bit tired back in the hotel, go for a luxurious and relaxing massage session at the spa centre, a fantastic facility offered at all first-rate St Thomas hotels. Have a nice holiday!