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Jamaica - A Fascinating and Fun Filled Destination

So, you've decided to visit Jamaica! Luxury hotel accommodation abounds on this spectacular Caribbean island and is a huge draw for the thousands of tourists who flock here every year. But it's not just luxury and a beach lifestyle that's waiting (although there is that in abundance!) - there is a lot more to this fascinating destination.

Spanish Origin, English, British and African Legacies

To touch on the history of the island, it's necessary to go back a long way in Jamaica. Luxury hotel accommodation and thriving beach activities weren't always the highlights! Spain annexed the island from the original Arawak inhabitants in the early 16th century.
Sadly, the local peoples were virtually wiped out by a combination for forced labour and accidentally imported European diseases, against which they had little natural immunity.
One and half centuries later, in the mid-17th century, the English took Jamaica in war and, in spite of some Spanish attempts to recover it, it remained English then British until 1962, when it finally gained independence.

The slave trade flourished for centuries on the island, until it was abolished in 1833. Large numbers of Africans were kidnapped and taken to the island to work in the sugar cane plantations - often in appalling and inhuman conditions. Today, the island displays many echoes of these different cultural heritages in its rich and exotic culture.

The sights

Perhaps history isn't your thing and, if that's the case, you'll have plenty of other distractions to keep you occupied in Jamaica! Luxury hotel accommodation is usually very well placed to access all the island's considerable delights. Here are just a few.
• The Dunn's River Falls are widely argued to be one of the most beautiful in the world; you can walk up them but swimwear is essential! It can, in truth, become crowded at peak times but it's still a 'must do'.

• Firefly was the home of writer Noel Coward, and he's also buried here. It has a huge number of mementoes of his life and work and, interestingly, the site was previously the home of one time pirate, Sir Henry Morgan.

• Fort Charles is one of the island's most famous historical fortifications, going back to the mid-17th century. It had a lengthy association with the young Horatio Nelson and has a very interesting museum.

• The Bob Marley Museum. Surely one of the island's most famous sons, this was his house while he was alive and is today a museum and something of a spiritual shrine. You'll see lots of exhibits that help explain, in part, how Marley managed to make reggae into a global brand of music and change the listening habits of millions.

• Dolphin Cove. This is a fantastic experience that enables you to get close up and personal with the dolphins. Far from exploiting them, there seems little doubt to most that the dolphins seem to hugely enjoy their interaction with humans in this gentle environment.

This is, of course, just a tiny example of the things to do while on this gorgeous island, and there are dozens and dozens of other stunning experiences and sights. There are many special offers for packages to stay in a Jamaica luxury hotel, and the island I beautiful at virtually any time of the year.

About the Author

Helen C. Edwards works for the Essential Hotel Collection. For a stay in a romantic Jamaica luxury hotel, we have a handpicked portfolio of privately owned hotels offering superb accommodation. We have an intimate knowledge of every property and can provide the perfect accommodation to make your island dreams a reality.

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