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Kerala Shopping Experience – More Than Goodies Bag

Kerala shopping is not a crucial part of common Kerala packages. Kerala tourism is known for its Ayurvedic massages, holy shrines, and houseboats on Kerala backwaters. Even most of the South India tour packages are so delightful due to the sightseeing and the activities that you can skip out shopping.  You won't even miss shopping during these holidays. But, shopping in Kerala is a different type of an experience altogether. It is not a must-do part of Kerala tourism.  However, it is fascinating and entertaining. It is a kind of experience that grows on you. 


Most interesting items in Kerala have the deep cultural heritage.  So, any trinket is more than some random carving in a coconut.  Any souvenir is more than a wooden artefact.  There is a story and the dedication of artists behind the items.  That is why tourists visit these markets in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.  Tourists look forward to the fun time and the great cultural memories. Check out what makes Kerala shopping experience special.

Ethnic adventure:

Anyone, who has been to Kerala, knows its charm. In several ways, Kerala shopping experience is like the Kerala packages.  Almost every experience has the inseparable cultural heritage.  Most of these items are personally handcrafted artefacts. Everything from souvenirs and trinkets to curios, any cute little thing has a genuine personality.

Some souvenirs exude the fragrance of sandalwood or deep wide rose wood. There are some exotic and unique products made up of coconuts and buffalo horns too. Spices, medicines and perfumes of Kerala offer the passion and the ancient secrets of Kerala in a small goodies bag. Whether you are in a big shopping mall or a secluded shop, these items represent art and culture of Kerala. These people are passing on the ancient art through fragrance, packaging and technique.

Grand Kerala shopping festival:

This festival is not overpowering like the Dubai shopping festival. But, it has been the biggest extravaganza in the region for past several years. It attracts domestic and international tourists with prizes, discounts and novel initiatives.  Given the track record of last 8 years, this festival is a huge hit and it will continue to grow.  The fun spirit of this festival is rather visible during months of December and January. It is a rewarding time for tourists as well as retailers. So, make most of this special festival.

You can take your pick from the diverse souvenirs and memorabilia available. So, you will remember Kerala in your daily life.