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Exclusive Showstoppers In Kerala Travel

When you plan your travel packages, you know that every destination won't thrill you. You know that each moment may not be phenomenal. But, most travellers instinctively know that they will stumble upon some miracles along the way. When you are planning your Kerala holiday package, you can expect to discover quite a few of those breathtaking moments, where you forget the rest of the world and surrender yourself to its magic.

So, check them out right here so that you don't miss any of them in your travel itinerary: 

Periyar National Park:

 Thekkdy, as a secluded little hill station, may not be comparable to the sheer beauty of Munnar's emerald green landscape. As you navigate through Thekkady, though, you will realise that the Periyar national park or Tiger reserve is a head turner due to its sheer biodiversity. Tigers that are silently tracking their prey or unabashed elephants bathing in the river are just a few of the gems that can surprise you. Many travellers will stumble upon tiny marvels of nature like a spidel flower or a crimson-backed sunbird without realising it. So, get ready to witness the true glory of nature in this National Park.

Kerala backwaters:

 This is one of the most intriguing and relaxing experiences you can hope to enjoy. Step onto a houseboat and feel gentle ebbing of the water take your issues and worries far away as you explore the depth of this lagoon and its rich interior. This is a must-see part of any Kerala holiday package for a reason. The exhilaration of this experience doesn't just stem from the green velvet beauty. Nor does it come just from the soothing ayurvedic spa massages. The true beauty of the backwaters of Kerela comes from a natural fusion of lagoons, peace and riveting scenery that will leave you speechless. Watch the sun set each day with renewed vigour, and forget the fact that this is the same sun that you experience every day at home. Stay awake through the night to see stars twinkle with renewed glory. Every experience here seems heightened; with the food tasting richer, the panoramic vistas looking brighter and life itself feel so much better as you sail over this enigmatic world away from the world.      

Athirapally & Vazhachal Waterfalls:

 These two waterfalls, located 5 km away from one another, are not a common inclusion in your traditional Kerala holiday package. Unless you customise your travel package, you won't be able to visit these stunning waterfalls, which are located 63 km away from Thissur. But, if you do extend your Kerala holiday package to include them your itinerary, you will be glad of the inclusion. The grandeur and scenic beauty of these waterfalls are simply a must-have experience for everyone.

Make your Kerala trip count by including them in your travel itinerary!