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Why Gatwick Taxis are Most Preferred as Airport Transfers?

Gatwick is the second largest as well as the second busiest airport in London. There are several modes of transport from and to Gatwick airport such as trains, tube rail, coaching services and bus. However, Gatwick taxis are the most preferred as airport transfers. Let us see why.

Taxis are preferred over train services


There are train services from Gatwick airport to central London with a non-stop run from the airport to Victoria. You can reach central London within almost half an hour. Nevertheless, you have to change to other modes of transport from central London and reach your destination. This is inconveniencing for newcomers, occasional visitors and outsiders especially if you have a lot of luggage. On the other hand, if you take a taxi from Gatwick you will be able to reach your destination in one go and need not change over to another mode of transport though it will take slightly more time than a train transport.

Taxis are comfortable

There is no doubt that a taxi rides from Gatwick airport to any other area in and around London is a more comfortable experience than any other transport option. It is also hassle free since you do not need to change over.

Not so costly

Some Gatwick airport taxi services offer a 20% discount on return journey to Gatwick. This saves on the cost of transport to some extent while you avail a comfortable and hassle free journey.

Fastest mode of transport for some places

Taxis are considered as fastest and cheapest service for Gatwick Airport Transfers in London.

Your information is protected

To book a taxi from Gatwick to any other place in and around the city you need to provide them with your flight and other information. But you can rest assured that your information will be completely confidential, and no other entity will have access to it. These companies generally run on strict privacy policies. They are law-bound to protect your data.


You have the option to go for a luxury taxi driven by chauffeur though this is somewhat costly. These taxis also have all weather systems incorporated in them. There are a variety of cars to choose from.

Various modes of payment

You can pay with cash or your credit or debit card. Moreover, there is little chance of getting fleeced by the passengers.

Waiting time

If your flight is delayed you need not worry. If you have booked a taxi it is going to wait for you. Moreover, they do not charge for waiting upto around half an hour. They also track flights for delays. But you may have to charge for waiting if it is more than half an hour.

Online booking

Tickets for these taxis can be booked online by filling out a form. You have to mention the pick up and drop off points along with date and time.

They are available

Taxis are available even if you are not getting a train or bus. This mode of transport takes the worry off you since you will get them late at night as well as in the wee hours of morning.