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Enjoy the Best of Your Holidays in Untouched Landmarks of Jabalpur

Being one of the most significant cities in the past, the city has seen several change in administration. It was the capital of Gond kings in the 12th century, and later was a prime location for Kalchuri dynasty. The Marathas also ruled the city for a considerable time, until 1817, when the Britishers took over the city. Now, the city is a significant centre of education, administration, industries and business in the region.


Exploring the city

The best way to explore the city is go solo. No tour can be most enjoyed when one is travelling alone. Although there are certain advantages of group travels, but there are certain things that can be best enjoyed when you are on your own.

One could also take the help of Jabalpur tourism guide. There are various local tour companies that will help you in your tour and take you to the best locations of the city. Additionally, if you like to do things on your own, then the best thing to do is to go out, get local, and explore the places. You could get familiar with the denizens and ask them about the best and the most interesting places to go, the best places to dine, and the best things to do. Using the public transportation services in place of private cabs is also one good way to know the city.

The people in the city are very friendly and are culture oriented. You could talk about anything and everything including food, music, education, government, Ghandi, roads, festivals and religion. The best time to visit the city is in the months between September and March.

Once you are in the city, there are several places to visit. The Dhuandhar is a famous waterfall located 25 km from the city. It is one of the prime attractions of the city as it attracts many visitors, who go there to see the beautiful illusions created on the vapours of the waterfall. In addition, Balancing Rock, Chausatyogini, Madan Mahal Fort, Tilwara Ghat, Gwari Ghat, Gopal Lal Ji Maharaj Ka Mandir, Bade Mahaveer Ji Ka Mandir, Kamaniya Gate, Jain Mandir, Bhedaghat - Marble Rocks, and Bandhavgarh National Park are some of the interesting places to visit in Jabalpur. Furthermore, the restaurants and the small road side shops are the other two entities of the city pretty famous among the travellers. The Chowpatti located in Civic Centre is one of the prime location in the city offering variety of food stalls that includes - bhels, dosas, sandwiches, and chinese etc. The other restaurants popular in the city include Jabalpurians, Navneeta, Indian Coffee House, Arihant Palace, and Traffic Jam.

Accommodation and travel

The city is very well connected to all major cities and states in the region. The city has its own domestic airport with regular flights connecting it to Mumbai and Delhi. Besides that, the city is also connected to all major states of the country through express railway lines and roads.

Once you are in the city, then finding accommodation in the city is also a simple affair. Most of the budget hotels in Jabalpur are located around Russel Chowk.There are five-star hotels as well in Civil Lines area of the city.