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How to reach Daman in the shortest time

Have you ever been to Daman? The city is one of the best, if not the best place in the country to experience the new-age city-life. The city is well-known for the pleasant lifestyle, a rich history, the nightlife, and also for being the only state having the freedom to drink liquor. The city actually is a part of the Daman & Diu union territory of India and is divided into two parts - Nanidaman and Motidaman. Nanidaman is the larger between the two and holds most of the prime attractions and important entities of the city, which include - hospitals, supermarkets, and major residential areas. Both of these islands - Daman and Diu, were actually were under the control of Portuguese for around 120 years. It is said that the Portuguese by chance arrived in the city in 1523 and since then they have been living in the city. It was later; in the mid of 19th century the city got incorporated in India. However, the influence of the Portuguese architecture and culture can still be found in the constructions and the lifestyles of the denizens.

Tourism in Daman is a big industry as a huge part of the city's economy depends on it. Besides that the city also is the centre of administration, education, and medical support in the region. All the surrounding villages are pretty much dependent on the city, as most of the entities are present in the city. To name a few of the surrounding villages to Daman include - Bhenslore, Kadya, Kunta, Devka, Mangelad, Varkund, Bhimpor, and Khariwar. Varkund is the biggest village among all and has a big mega structure called "The Deltin", which is one of the hottest place in the whole country to experience India's ultimate entertainment and lifestyle. It houses an excellent combination of five-star hotels, pubs, restaurants, spa, member's club and casinos. In some sense it is the little version of Las Vegas. Besides these, the city is also known for its sun-kissed beaches, namely - Jampor Beach and Devka Beach. In addition to all these, there are several other cool places to visit in Daman, including - House of Bockage, Church of Our Lady, Pargola Garden, St. Paul's Church, Dominican Monastery, Satya Sagar Udyan, and Mirasol Water Park.

  • Reaching the city by air - There are regular fights to the city from nearby places. Two big airports - Mumbai Airport and Baroda, are the nearest airports to the city. The Mumbai airport is about 172 km away and the Baroda Airport is about 300 km away. The Gujarat State Airlines also has daily flights to this interesting place of the west. The city has its own airport in Nani Daman. Although it is a small airport but it is has all the state-of-art facilities that any advanced airport station has.

  • Reaching the city by rail - This is another easy and fast way to reach the city. The nearest railway station to the city is in Vapi. It about 12 km from the heart of the city. The station actually fall on the railway route that connects Mumbai to Surat. The distances of Vapi railway station from Mumbai and Surat are 170 km and 90 km respectively. The average price of the tickets to Vapi railway station varies from INR 500 to 2000, which depends on the time of booking and the type of bogie.

  • Reaching the city by road - Last but not the least is the road to Daman that connects it to the main cities in the region. The well-developed roads connects the city to Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Surat, Diu ,and Baroda. You could reach the travel companies for booking cabs to the city so that you could reach the city with most comfort. The good thing is there are some travel companies that also provide travel packages and accommodation in their offers, which also includes booking rooms in the finest Daman hotels and guest houses.