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Ideal visa processing services to use while applying for a Dubai Visa

When you are traveling to another country, you will need to apply for a travel permit. If you are planning to travel to the country of UAE, you will need to apply for the visa application process for Dubai. Although the procedure is easy there are few things that must be kept in mind before you begin the procedure. In this article, we give you the ideal procedure to obtain this travel pass.


Step 1: Eligibility

This Arabic country has several bi- lateral relationships and contracts with other countries that allow them to travel without a permit or with a pass on arrival. If you are a citizen of any of the gulf countries, you need not apply for the pass but just with a valid passport as per the visa application process for Dubai. If you are a resident of any of the 30 countries that have a contract tie with UAE, you can qualify for travel document on arrival. However, if you are from another country that has no special relation or contract, you will mandatory need to apply for this document.

Step 2:  Type of Permit

If you are eligible to get the pass, you will need to choose the type of permit as per the visa application process for Dubai, as this will reflect the purpose of your visit. Each type has different requirements, tenure, rules and regulations which the applicant must abide by. Once you have chosen the right kind of entry permit, you will need to collect the relevant documents that are needed for it. If you are planning to reside for a long time in the city, you will need to undergo additional services to attain the national ID card and a medical certificate as per the regulations of the UAE government.

Step 3: Application form

Once you have chosen the type of travel pass and collected the necessary documents for it, you will need to fill up the application form for submission. While you can get the form online, you can also approach the nearest application centre for help or more details. Ensure that all the details are filled with complete and accurate information to ensure that there is no problems during the verification stage.

Step 4: Primary documents

You will need to submit a set of primary papers along with the application form. the following documents are a must:

  • Passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • Recent photographs
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • The fee for the application and other services
  • Invitation letter from friends and family.

Step 5: Appointment

Set an appointment with the application centre and submit the necessary documents and the application. Once the submission is completed along with the personal interview, you can wait for the approval. You can also track the application online where you can check the status just by submitting your reference number and your birth date.