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Visit Southern Africa on Safari

When guest travel to Africa, there are so many activities to do and take part in. The continent is abundant in diverse animals. The middle of the African continent (central Africa), is made up of a very thick vegetation. There is plenty rain thus the trees are very tall. The wildlife in this part of Africa includes animals like gorillas and chimpanzees.

However, when most people think of travelling to Africa on holiday or safari, it is usually not to central Africa. Southern Africa is the part of the continent with plenty of abundant and diverse animals. The rain in this part of the continent is a lot less than that in the central parts of the continent. This results in there being less trees and more grass. The grassland are vast and support a large number of grazers who also support a large number of predator. The open grasslands, also known as 'savanna', is the perfect environment to for Africa's big cats to live. It provides the perfect environment for the super-fast cheetah to chase down and catch their prey without being disturbed by many trees. It is also the perfect environment for big prides of lions to live. Here they can work as team. Even their coat colour has evolved to resemble the dry savanna grass, making it almost impossible for the alert prey to see the ambush that awaits them using their eyes that don't see in color. The countries in this southern part of Africa where guests can view these savanna animals in large number include; Zimbabwe, South-Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania. Each of these countries also have their own unique special natural spectacles and landforms.

For example, in Botswana is the great Okavango. The Okavango is a river that never meets the ocean. Instead this great river fans out into a delta spilling into the desert. The large amount of water supports diverse wildlife and create a natural animal haven. In Tanzania is the great Serengeti. A huge volcano which releases a lot of ash makes this place have few trees. However, the ash fertilizes the soil so that this area has endless grass. This also supports large numbers of zebras and wildebeests.

It is such spectacles and natural events that make southern Africa the best part of Africa to visit on holiday. It is the part of the continent where guests are sure to see their favorite animals like the great African lion. Guests are sure to enjoy the best of Africa if they visit the southern part of the continent

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