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Excellent car rental

Excellent car rental

Excellent car rental was established in 1996, as a way of seeking out a different segmentation of the market, rather than national and international tourism. The company began with a 5 vehicle fleet an has expanded its business to include fleet as well as service. These days, the company can provide access to many different categories in a range of areas throughout the country, with its fleet of over 80 vehicles.

In 2001 the company set up offices in Quepos.

The company offers tourists a transportation alternative that allows them to reach all tourist attractions throughout the country. The company aims to offer tourist transportation solutions at a fair price that go beyond tourist expectations.

The company strives to be acknowledged locally and internationally as the most successful car rental company in Costa Rica.

Excellent Car Rental offers a wide and varied vehicle fleet with over 80 vehicles ready and waiting to serve our clients.  All vehicles are offered at accessible rates and with a range of well-known worldwide brands including Nissan and Suzuki.

The company has a range of physical locations. The company’s main office is situated in San José, while the other is located in the province of Puntarenas.

The company offers roadside assistance and a 24-hour support system for emergencies. A 24-hour support system offers assistance to customers facing emergencies or accidents. This service is backed up by two sales points. The company also has a platform service to help those who have been involved in accidents or mechanical failure of any type.

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