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Atlantic Car Hire

Atlantic Car Hire

What began in 1995 with a fleet of 5 vehicles has grown into a 120-car fleet, backed by a reputation for service and excellence in Cape Town. Atlantic Car Hire services those travelling in the Cape Town area, looking for a medium size car rental company with big service.

A member of Cape Town Tourism, Atlantic Car Hire appeals to travellers heading to South Africa. Coupled with car hiring, Atlantic Car Hire also offers accommodation options, appealing to travellers looking to get the whole package when they travel to Cape Town.

Atlantic Car Hire is located at Cape Town Airport. Just one kilometre away from the airport, Atlantic Car Hire services travellers visiting the South African city, looking to have their transportation covered from the minute they arrive.

The company sets out to please customers with service being their number one priority. From the minute a customer arrives at Cape Town Airport, Atlantic Car Hire aims to make their clients’ journeys hassle free and enjoyable.

Atlantic Car Hire offers travellers a number of vehicles to choose from, ranging from automatics to manual transmissions. From luxury vehicles to economy cars, Atlantic Car Hire covers all types of travellers and what they may be looking for in their car hire.

Atlantic Car Hire and Chauffeur offers a pick up location just one kilometre from the Cape Town Airport. The company meets customers 24 hours a day to pick up and collect their vehicles.

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