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Hardside Wheeled Luggage Sets That Will Last

How can you protect your belongings while traveling? I remember seeing this commercial when I was a kid. It showed monkeys taking your luggage at the airport and throwing it around. They were jumping on it and throwing it and attempting to break it and damage it. It was so funny. The commercial was advertising a new luggage brand that was supposed to be sturdier and stronger than the others. I guess they were showing how the monkeys could not damage the luggage. There was another commercial where some airport guys were playing catch with the luggage. They would throw the luggage to each other back and forth. Of course they missed the luggage more than they caught it. Although exaggerations, who knows what really goes on behind the scenes at these airports. You really do need luggage that will last and not easily fall apart or come undone.

Hardside luggage is a step in the right direction. Although some softside luggage will hold up, the luggage that is hardside will hold up better. It is made out of a strong plastic called polycarbonate and it is supposed to be tough. Obviously when you get to your destination you would like your luggage in one piece. It is severely tested once it is dropped off at the airport. First, it goes through the moving conveyor belt. When it gets to the inside of the airport, it is taken off the conveyor belt and put onto a moving truck to take it to the airplane. When it gets to the airplane, it is put on the conveyor belt to take it up to the airplane, where there is another guy who takes the luggage and stows it away. Sometimes sitting on the plane I look out the window and see the airport luggage handlers throwing the pieces down onto the conveyor belt. I keep hoping they will not treat my luggage bags like that. But it is good to know that if you have the hardside type, at least it will have that extra protection if treated in a disrespectful manner. It just holds up better.

And the hardside luggage comes with all the accessories that other pieces do. It usually comes with internal compartments, zippered bags, and wet bags on the inside. So it is easy to pack at home and unpack once you reach your destination. They are all wheeled for ease of pulling it around, and they all come in sets, so you can have matching luggage for long trips. Another advantage is all the designs you can get on the outside of the luggage. You can have pictures of cities, art designs, different combination of colors, animals, etc… This makes the luggage sets pleasing to the eye while also making it easy to identify. So if you travel a lot and need extra protection for your belongings just in case chimpanzees will be handling your suitcases, then get hardside luggage and then you can travel at ease on the airplane.

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Travel Luggage And Backpacks has a diverse selection of hardside luggage to choose from. The site has both hardside and softside luggage sets in a variety of colors. Plus, some of the hardside luggage sets have many interesting pictures on the front. You can choose the ones you like best. So please visit http://www.travelluggageandbackpacks.com and you are sure to find the luggage that you are looking for. Free shipping in the continental U.S. on all purchases.

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