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Hotels in Lamu Island Assures Unique Experiences for Vacationers

Lamu Island is a prominent coastal town in Kenya. As such, it is the administrative headquarter of Lamu County, which is comprised of the Lamu Archipelago. The coastal town is hardly 341 kilometers from Mombasa and is characterized by its unique simplicity and undeniable serenity. Located in a different hemisphere as compared to any overcrowded, bustling city in the contemporary world, the Lamu Island naturally stands out as a major tourist attraction across the globe.

As such, buildings across the island is uniquely characterized by

  • Lengthy verandas
  • Spacious inner courtyards and
  • Exclusively curved wooden doors

The island town is linked to Mokowe by boat. On the other hand, the airstrip in Manda Island makes it accessible by air as well. As such, the older portion of the town exhibits some excellent Swahili culture. The urban settlement that one can see today resembles a set of contrasting cultures, which include

  • Arabian
  • Persian
  • Indian
  • European and
  • Bantu, etc.

In short, apart from the panoramic beauty the place offers several elements of attraction for tourists from all corners of the globe. Nature lovers from all parts of the world come to the Lamu Island almost round the year. Tourism is a major source of earning for people residing here.

To accommodate the vast number of tourists it is obvious that hotels in the Lamu Island in Kenya have to be pretty well equipped.  There is actually an array of lodging facilities that is available across the entire region. However, some of the more prominent names relevant to the given context include

  • Majlis hotel
  • Peponi hotel
  • Kipungani explorer lodge
  • Kijani House
  • Red Pepper House and
  • Manda Bay hotel, etc.

The Kijani House is a small but exclusively charming beach hotel on the Lamu Island that overlooks the Shela Channel. Along with a freshwater swimming pool within the compound the hotel provides optimum privacy as well as homely warmth to its guests. The guestrooms inside the hotel are quite spacious and have verandas attached. Quality furnishing inside the rooms is completed with unique coastal antiques that are exclusively available within the geographical periphery.

As far as gastronomic satisfaction of the boarders is concerned, the hotel serves some exotic sea food. Swahili dishes that are cooked up at the in-house restaurant bear a unique blend of Swahili and Italian culinary.

The Kipungani Explorer Lodge on the other hand overlooks the tranquil waters of the Kipungani Channel. As such, the word ‘kipungani' is derived from the Swahili, which means ‘the place for fresh water.' This lodge offers the most fascinating experience of vacationing in a genuine desert island. Very near to this lodge is the tiny island of Kinyika. One can easily come here by boat. The island is home to exotic coral gardens, thousands of colorful fishes and almost similar number of oceanic birds.

In short, an exotic vacation to the Lamu Island is guaranteed to provide one and all with some unique and colorful experiences that will remain ever bright in the memory across the ages.