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Why San Francisco is the best city in California

The Golden Gate city is known for its cold summers and picturesque geographic diversity. You are only 2-3 drive away from the beach, the mountains, woodlands or the desert. In spite of being an expensive and competitive city, it is the best place to stay in California. There are not one but several reasons for this.

The best city for vegetarians:

San Francisco is considered to be one of the most veggie friendly cities in the United States. Even the meat serving restaurants have something in store for the vegetarians. It has a large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.  You can even eat the fruits that grow on trees in a few public parks in San Francisco. Veggie lovers can never run out of places to dine with the  Berkeley right across the Bay.

SF is home to Organic food:

San Francisco is  voted to be the top city to live the organic foodie lifestyle by the online magazine, Organic Authority. You can find organic foodstuff in almost in every supermarket. Primarily, organic food is available at the farmer's market, organic restaurant, community farms and food co-ops.

Open  Spaces and Public Parks:

The city by the Bay is known worldwide for its parks. The golden Gate Park, Presidio park and Dolores Pak to name a few. It even has Parklets, which are parking space sized mini parks that are present at every corner of the city. You can find no place without greenery in San Francisco. Al these facilities and green spaces present even in the heart of the makes its inhabitants very fit.The climate of San Francisco is never too hot or too cold- best for cycling or jogging.

It is a pet friendly city:

Surprisingly, the census data of 2007 has shown that on an average, there are more dogs than children in San Francisco. It has an assortment of facilities available exclusively for pets. It has luxury dog hotels, a pet cemetery, rooftop dog cocktail parties and the City halls  even plans to convert og poop into alternative energy source.

Yoga Yoga Everywhere!

Yoga studios in San Francisco are as common as coffee shops. There is a yoga studio even at the airport. The sessions are arranged based on the resident's comfort. Two of San Francisco's International Airports have yoga rooms for the on the go travellers looking for Zen.

San Francisco has the most people friendly atmosphere. It has its own vineyard too- Tuscany ! San Franciscans indulge in moderate wine drinking and even have an array of fine dining restaurants to pleasure their palette at. It has a diverse community in terms of race and origin. In spite of this, the city remain very peaceful and happy. It has a become a hub of cultural fests as well. All year round there are several live music performances, art displays, literary events- something to keep everyone engaged. The best part of San Francisco is that though it is the centre of housing and industry, it is very close to nature.

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