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Benefits of Renting a Cottage When You Go Vacationing With Family

There are many ways you can vacation, and lots of different accommodations. Most people will book a hotel to stay at because it's the easiest thing to do, and we're used to that. But there is a better option. And if you've never considered a vacation rental, you shouldn't wait any longer.

Renting a home, cottage, condo and the like as opposed to staying in a hotel means you just hit the lottery when it comes to privacy. There is no competition, really, between a hotel room and a whole cottage with nice thick walls, and space between it and it's neighbors. A vacation rental lets you spread out, offering far more space than hotel accommodations will afford you - even a suite is still more limited that a whole rental home provides.

There are amenities that come with a rental cottage that most hotels do not provide as well - clothes washer, full kitchen facilities so you can eat in which can be more economical than having to eat out your whole stay, DVD players to catch up on those movies you've been wanting to watch, and free Wi-Fi. A vacation rental gives you a base of operations that is a step above the typical hotel. You can gather at a vacation home, and really enjoy the experiences available at your vacation destination, and then totally relax in your own space.

Windermere Cottage in Windermere Village, Blackpool, UK is located in the picturesque lake district and can accommodate up to four vacationers. Windermere Cottage is full of brand new furnishings and accessories, but is also full of traditional, quaint style. Style and luxury are premium features at Windermere, offering you that sanctuary you need after a long day seeing the sights.

Originally built around 1850, Windermere Cottages are situated right in the heart of the village that bears the same name. It reflects the wonderful architecture and feel of yesteryear while providing modern levels of comfort at the same time. There are two floors to spread out on with two double bedrooms for spacious sleeping accommodations. The bath facilities are also spacious and luxurious.

You will enjoy the cozy living area and full dining room where you can enjoy meals prepared in the full kitchen. Parking is right outside the cottage (and it's free), but you can also feel free to leave the vehicle there as you can get to just about anywhere in the area using the local rail or bus facilities.

The owners of Windermere Cottage are warm and personable and great to work with for booking your stay. Many who have stayed at Windermere have been lifelong friends, returning multiple times to enjoy this wonderful rental cottage and the lovely lake district area around Windermere Village.

Build wonderful memories with family, or maybe some travel friends, and book a stay at Windermere Village. Experience the difference to be had when you choose a unique vacation rental cottage over the bland, typical hotel stay - you'll be so very glad you made the switch.

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Are you interested in visiting the Windermere Cottages are known as some of the best cottages throughout the area. The next time you go on vacation, rent a Windermere Cottage instead of a hotel room.

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