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Enjoy the Highlights of a Wine Cruise in Italy

Italian cruising holidays are a great way to discover the country. With so many beautiful waterways to explore, and a host of wonderful Italian ports to stop off in, you'll experience a very different view of the country.

One of the most popular options for boating holidays in this region is to go on a wine cruise. Here are some of the highlights you can enjoy around the lovely Venice and Mantua region.


Mazzorbo is a gem of a town located not far from Venice. On a cruise along the waterways in the area, it is definitely one of the Italian ports you should disembark to explore. Here you will find the Venissa wine estate, which has a delightful walled vineyard, and of course you will have the opportunity to taste some of the excellent wine it produces.

Villa Widmann Borletti

Villa Widmann Borletti is in Adria, another of the Italian ports you may be able to visit on your journey. This huge complex was designed by Baldassare Longhena, an architect from the 17th century, and is a fascinating place to explore. You will also be able to visit its wine estate and indulge in some more wine tasting opportunities.


This medieval town is famous for its dry wines, so it will definitely be one of the stops on the itinerary of a wine cruise of the region. The garganega grape produces excellent whites, so a tasting session here will be a real treat for wine aficionados.

Other Highlights Along the Way

There are many other highlights on a wine cruise through this region of Italy. Venice itself is a wonderful city to explore, with many world-famous attractions including St Mark's Basilica and the Grand Canal. You can also cruise past islands like San Giorgio Maggiore, with their brightly coloured houses.

Choggia is another great place to stop off, and the fish market held here is a bustling and vibrant place to spend some time. You can also stop off in Ferrara to see Estense Castle and Schifanoia Palace, which is home to some 15th century frescoes. When you reach Mantua, a visit to the Ducal Palace with its many gardens and thousands of paintings is an absolute must.

Enjoy a Wine Cruise in Italy

Italy is rightly famous for its beautiful towns, famous sights and, of course, its wines. You can combine all of these on a dedicated wine cruise, stopping off at various Italian ports and exploring each of them at a leisurely pace.

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Paul Newman is the Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways, a provider of luxury, all-inclusive barge holidays. If you're looking for river cruises, we have a host of itineraries stopping at numerous Italian ports to enjoy the sights of the country's most picturesque waterways. We also offer experiences in France, Holland and the UK.

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