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Which is the best country to visit on safari?

Africa is a huge, vast and ancient continent.  This continent is very big stretching from Egypt to South Africa.  The continent has many countries with many different cultures, traditions and customs.  Not only is there a large diverse population that lives on this continent, but there is also a large diverse population of wildlife on this continent.  Now, more than ever, Africa is receiving large number of tourists hungry to go on safari and view the many majestic and diverse animals on this continent as well as the awe inspiring natural spectacles and landforms on this part of the planet.  Since the continent is very large and colossal, consisting of more than forty nations, guests find it difficult in choosing the best country to visit if one wants to experience the best of African safari.  This article shall briefly describe a beautiful country that would be an adequate and good choice for guests intending on going on an African safari: this country is Zimbabwe.

The top choice country that tourists should consider going to if they have the opportunity is Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe, just like South Africa is home to Africa's big five animals (the black/white rhino, the African lion, the African elephant, the leopard and the Cape buffalo).  Despite these famous animals, the nation is also home to other abundant species and diverse bird species.  There are also a few unique natural landforms in this part of the world that guests would enjoy visiting such as the Victoria Falls. 

 In 1855, the great explorer, David Livingstone was stupefied and stunned by the wildlife and scenery that he encountered in this part of the Zambezi River.  Nothing could have prepared the explorer as he made his way towards the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in Africa:  The Great Zambezi River turns into the Victoria Falls.  The full breadth of the Zambezi River plummets into a giant fissure.  The Victoria is largest sheet of falling water in the world.  This unique and splendid natural waterfall in one of the original 7 wonders of the world.  The local people call the Victoria Falls, the "Smoke that thunders".  From a distance, one cannot see the water-falls.  The only thing visible is mist as it rises into the air resembling smoke from a fire.  However, this ‘smoke' has an unmistakable sound. It roars and thunders.

The Victoria falls is only one amazing and beautiful place in Zimbabwe out of many other beautiful places within this country.  There are plenty of activities here to keep any visitor relaxed and excited.  There are many countries in Africa where one could choose to enjoy a safari, but none is quite like Zimbabwe.  This truly the best country to choose to visit via safari packages on holiday.