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Trekking Adventures In Indian Sub Continent

Overshadowed by Himalayan Mountains, this sub continent has several trekking sites. A hardcore trekker will not be able to resist the challenges of summits like Annapurna, Dagala thousand lakes trek, Roopkund trek, etc. Every year, several local and international trekkers book the international holiday packages to conquer these proud and challenging pinnacles. But, the question remains. Which trekking adventures in Indian subcontinent will you consider?


Traditionally, the most trekking adventures are well classified by the difficulty level, altitude, number of days, budget, and expertise required. But, most importantly, these treks are classified by their geographical location. Check out are two primary trekking travel packages available in addition to Indian trekking adventures in Ladakh, Himachal, Uttarakhand and Sikkim.

Nepal packages:

While booking travel packages, Nepal is not a cheap destination. But, this region includes the toughest trekking adventures in Mount. Annapurna, Mount. Everest, Khumbu, and Langtang regions. You can also consider other treks available in rural region of Nepal too. Pristine cool air, green landscape and Snow clad mountain summits create great locale for these adventures. Trekking sites are the irreplaceable part of Nepal packages. Vibrant culture, Buddhist influences and great celebrations sprinkle just right amount of ethnic flavour for these International holiday packages.  

Bhutan packages:

This small country is an extremely popular adventure travel destination. There are several adventure travel packages available in Bhutan. But, most tourists prefer trekking in their international holiday packages. Bhutan packages are known for four specialties only – trekking, scenery, monasteries and festivals.  So, trekking becomes more than an adventure in Bhutan. 

When you can opt for 30 day trekking expeditions as Bhutan packages, you are at another level of commitment. It is not just an adventure. It is a religion or a way of life. Druk path, Jomolhari trek, and LayaGasa trek create almost otherworldly experiences with their own unique brand of adrenaline and natural beauty.

These two relatively small countries offer such a magical experience to tourists. There are several small treks in Western Ghats or Aravali hills of India too. But, Himalayan summits in India, Nepal and Bhutan are perfect for trekking travel packages because they pose a real dare.  Undeniable charm of these trekking trails lies in tough environment and breathtaking beauty. So, book Bhutan package or Ladakh package for your choice of trekking expedition.  It won't be yet another international holiday package. It will be nothing like you have ever seen before. Conquer these insurmountable summits on your next trip.