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10 Things you should try in Goa

Goa is a destination that is on the list of every traveller and it should be so. The coastal state of India is smallest in dimensions but makes up it in size with the absolute pleasures. Goa has beaches, adventures, sightseeing, shopping, dining and an amazing nightlife which you can enjoy during your holidays.


Here we list 10 things you should try during a Goa Holiday

1. Monsoon trek to Dudhsagar
For people who love nature adventure and photography, Goa is a paradise during monsoon. Take a trek to the beautiful Dudhsagar falls during monsoons.

2. Old Goa tour
Goa has a wealthy history and old Goa has lot of churches, exhibits and museums and art exhibits which take you back to the Indo-Portugese times. Some of the must-visit locations in old Goa are Basilica of Bom Christ and Se de Santa Catarina.

3. Taste Fenny
The Goa Cashew Feni is the regional liquor of Goa. Check out the places where you can see how fenny is produced from cashew celery and flavor it in its genuine and unadulterated type. You can go for a tasting experience.

4. Explore Goa on bike/Scooter
Goa has a charming environment and lot of wonderful routes that run through paddy areas and little bungalows. Driving through these wonderful streets is an encounter in itself. You can lease 2 Wheeler's for as inexpensive as 200 Rs/day.

5. Stay in a Homestay
Homestays are best way to encounter regional lifestyle and in a position like Goa.Most homestays are old Colonial homes with wonderful environment. These homestays keep the charming lifestyle of Goa in existence. You can flavor the genuine konkani recipes and discover the landscapes with the help of residents.

6. Go on a Sunset cruise
The Goan encounter is incomplete without a cruise. The river cruise to Mandovi is an awesome encounter or there are options of other cruise. Choose one at the time of sunset and never will you have experienced a better magical experience.

7. Adventure activities
There are so many adventures in Goa like quad-biking, scuba diving ,snorkeling , windsurfing and dolphin and crocodile tours.

8. Party like there's no tomorrow
There's a reason why Goa is known as the party capital of India and why people from the entire world desire a Goa Holiday Trip India. It has everything from jazz music festivals to Bollywood songs , drinks in simple seaside shacks to night clubs. There is something for every kind of celebration goer.

9. Get a tattoo
There are so many body art studios in Goa and many performers in marketplaces and on seashores.You can get a short-term body art which cleansers off in a couple of several weeks. You can also get your hair braided with vibrant embroidering discussions and pellets by the tribe women who sit on the seaside and in marketplaces.

10.Sunset at Beach
One of the easiest satisfaction of life is to look at a sunset, and your beach encounter is imperfect without viewing at least one enchanting sunset. Soak in the the ambiance of the tropical beauty which you will cherish for a long time.