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Ecuador Amazon Lodges for everyone

Now your dream vacation is a lot easier, thanks to Ecuador Destiny, a travel agency that specializes in tourism programs in Ecuador.

Among its tourist offer stand out their cruises through the Galapagos Islands on boats equipped with all the necessary equipment for their crew members to enjoy the adventure of visiting a paradise like this in the best conditions; the tours in the Pacific Coast visiting cities such as Santo Domingo, Machala or Manta and enjoying their dream beaches and their natural wonders (National Parks among their more prominent).


The Sierra of the Andes is also a good place to soak up the culture and atmosphere of Ecuador and its people. Learning about the various indigenous markets that take place in the various towns of the area; the National Parks or Cities such as Quito and Cuenca.

And to it it can added a new experience: making a cruise aboard a train by visiting the highlands of Ecuador and the coastal region. And not on board of any train but aboard a few wagons pulled by locomotives from the beginning of the XXth century, fully restored.

But apart from these programs, it should be noted the visit to the area of the Amazon where the tourist can stay in typical Ecuador Amazon lodges, most of them located on the banks of the Amazon river. The offer is so diverse for this type of accommodations that possibly the tourist will have serious problems to decide which option is the best for his/her interests. Because all of them are pretty beautiful and surrounded by a unique environment.

Therefore, in the area of the Amazon lovers of cruises are also in luck, as the Anakonda is responsible for the traveller to enjoy with the landscapes to be found around the Napo river and discover the hidden beauty of the Amazon jungle. All this with all the luxuries and services that a cruise of this type can offer to their customers.

Dream-like landscapes and adventure sports for the lovers of this discipline

The Amazon region consists of 139000 square kilometers of extension. Its ecological area is very rich in fauna and flora, and live in it some indigenous tribes that still maintain their primitive customs.

And what better landscape for practising kayaking on the Amazon river or take a dip in its waters to contemplate the underwater fauna and flora. Walks, paths, all designed for the visitor enjoyment of the high biodiversity of the place and its unique species.

After reading all this description, isn't it interesting to go on holiday to Ecuador?