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Fascinating Places near Udaipur - Nathdwara

During their vacation in Udaipur, travellers would have the opportunity to visit many of the interesting places in the city. Among the popular tourist places in Udaipur are Fateh Sagar, Dudh Talai, Gulab Bagh and Sajjan Garh. Having visited all such spots, travellers can get to some other well-known places around the region. One of them is Nathdwara, a town located at a distance of about 48 kilometres to the north-east of Udaipur. It is well-connected to the neighbouring cities and towns by an excellent network of roadways and railways. This gives greater convenience for tourists in reaching Nathdwara from Udaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan. It has become immensely popular among travellers for its 'Pichhwai' paintings, sweets made from milk, handmade terracotta items and decorative pieces made from ivory. However, the Nathdwara town is mainly known for Shrinathji Temple, which is visited by a large number of devotees and tourists every day.

There is an interesting legend behind the construction of this temple. When the idol of Lord Krishna was being transported from Govardhan Hill near Mathura to a safer place, the wheels of bullock cart that carried it got stuck at the place where Shrinathji Temple stands today. The priests who were accompanying the idol saw this and realized that the spot was chosen for the temple by Lord Krishna himself. Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar lent his patronage to this temple, as it was built on the banks of Banas River under his rule. An ideal time to visit this temple is early morning. It opens in the early hours of morning between 4 to 5, and remains open till 6 in the evening. The 'Chappanbhog Aarti' is a unique ritual performed in this temple, during which, 56 different kinds of food items are offered to Lord Krishna. After the ritual, these offerings are distributed as 'Prasad' among the devotees. 'Annakutta' is one of the popular festivals celebrated in this temple, which is related to the lifting of Govardhan Hill by Lord Krishna. Besides the Shrinathji Temple, there are other interesting places in Nathdwara and its surroundings that can be explored by tourists during their vacation in Udaipur.

Located at a distance of about 1 kilometre from Nathdwara is Lal Bagh, which is a beautiful garden visited by locals and tourists alike. Its fountains and lighting are a delight to watch, while a museum called Shreemad Vallabh Sangrahalay at this place has a good collection of antiques. Another great location worth visiting is Giriraj Hill, which is close to the Nathdwara town. People belonging to the Vaishnav sect consider a walk around this hill very sacred. Shrinathji Gaushala also makes for an interesting visit, as it is surrounded by marvellous hills that are full of picturesque natural beauty. It is actually a big cowshed, where one can find about 2,000 cows. Accommodation in any of the well-known resorts in Udaipur would enable travellers to enjoy a pleasant stay and visit all the famous places in and around the city.