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3 Top Destinations to Explore in Dubai while on Transit

Dubai is wonderful country that has a lot of opportunities for a wonderful experience no matter how long the length of the stay. There are several attractions, monuments and events that can be experienced in this city, especially when travelling with a Dubai transit visa for Indians. In this article, we give you information about the top 3 destinations to explore especially on a short stay.


Dubai Creek

This creek also called as the Khor Dubai is a saltwater creek that is located near the airport and ends at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This creek has historically influenced the city right from the 19th century. It served as transportation for the dhows that travelled from India and East Africa apart from influencing the iconic pearling industry which was the city's pride and joy. Fishing is also notably held in the shallow waters of this creek. In the last few years, the creek has been dredged in order to promote the waterside commercial business which allows large ships and vessels to travel here. Today, it stands as one of the most important influences for the city apart from being an iconic attraction. If you have a Dubai transit visa for Indians, you must visit this iconic water body for its exceptional view, where large vessels and ship sail here on a regular basis.

Palm Islands

 No visit to this city is completed without a trip to the Palm islands, especially if you have a Dubai transit visa for Indians. This iconic man made beauty is the pride and joy of the city, especially since it shows off the country's capacity for architectural and infrastructural progress. These two artificial palm shaped archipelagos were started in the year 2001 alongside the islands of "the world". These islands contain a large variety of residential complexes, leisure structures and several entertainment centers along with 530 kilometers of non public beaches. The beauty of this attraction is the fact that only sand and rocks that were dredged nearby were used in the creation of this beauty, thereby making it one of the most natural manmade structures in the whole world. There are various tours that take place on these islands which one can easily visit during the day.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

 This wildlife sanctuary is a wetland reserve that is famously known to attract several migratory birds from nearby. Apart from birds, there are also a large number or crustaceans, small mammals and fishes that frequent this region. The government has taken extra measures to ensure that the public does not interfere much with the thriving ecosystem but still provide a visitor education facility in certain protected area which is open to the public during certain times in the day. Nature lovers must visit this attraction especially during a short stay in the town.