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How to travel comfortably to the city of Dubai?

Travelling from one country to another is has its wonderful moments as well as its hectic ones. Right from the time you leave your residence till you travel and reach your destination, you will have a wonderful journey that can be filled with excitement and discovery especially when travelling with young children for the first time. However there are several offers like the Dubai Marhaba services that aid in making your journey as comfortable as possible. In this article, we give you information about how to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Begin and end your journey comfortably

With this support, you can easily begin and end your journey with comfort. As part of the Dubai Marhaba Services, you will be provided with a traditional meet and greet offering where you will be met and greeted personally by these individuals. You will be offered assistance and guidance with all the formalities through the airport facilities and clearances, especially at the arrival or departure stage of your journey. If you are arriving from a country abroad with a visa, you will be offered help through all the immigration process and the security screenings and scanning. You can also be escorted to or from the party who would meet or drop you off at the airport.

If your flight is delayed or you are transiting through the city where you have to stay for a long period of time, you can avail the Marhaba lounge which is part of the Dubai Marhaba Services. This lounge is equipped with the latest modern day amenities that will make your temporary short stay, a comfortable one. Those who avail of this lounge can enjoy a large variety of meals that is prepared right there and then. A shower facility and smoking area is also provided in this area where one can use it as per the need. Businessmen can also use the onsite computers, internet access and telephone or fax facilities to work in comfort if they need it. Additionally, a special priority buggy car will be provided at your need where you will be assisted to the relevant boarding gate for your departure or arrival.

This special assistance is extended to family members especially to young children and senior citizens. Those who want to avail a stroller or wheelchair can use the Marhaba services and they will provide you with the necessary assistance. This is also extended to representatives or employees of the corporate and trade organizations like the marine and cruise forces. The assistance that is offered is complete coordinating with the appropriate representative of the relevant company or organization, escorting through formalities and clearances along with assistance to the lounges.