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African Safari Destinations

There are many places to travel to on holiday. These days many people consider a holiday to be an important part of how someone enjoys the different places on the earth. Many people consider a holiday a necessity. Some other things people can go without but certainly not a least one holiday a year. Thus, the global industry that caters for the tourists of the world going on holiday is huge and growing. As the global middle class grows, so does the number of holiday makers. There are so many options to choose from when deciding on where to spend a holiday. This article shall briefly describe the countries where guests can visit in southern part of the continent to experience a great safari.

Africa is a huge continent with diverse wildlife and wonderful landforms. It stretches from the its Northen parts of Cairo in Egypt all the way down to Cape Town in the country of South Africa. The northern part of the continent is more closely connected to the Arab culture while the sub-Sahara Africa consists of black Africans. The southern part of Africa is the place where tourists typically visit to experience the best of African wildlife. This is the part of the continent where Africa's famous big five lives (the black/white rhino, the leopard, the African lion, the African elephant and the Cape buffalo). Tourists travel from all over the world to see these majestic animals living in their natural environment.

The main countries where tourist can find wildlife in great number and experience a true African safari are:
South Africa -the country that is famous for the great leader, Nelson Mandela, who's persistent effort defeated apartheid
Zimbabwe- which is famous for the great Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world
Botswana- which is famous for the great Okavango. A river that never meets the ocean. Instead it turns into a huge delta that spills into the desert creating a natural haven for wildlife
Kenya- which is famous for its wildlife and the Masai Mara warriors
and Tanzania- which is famous for the great Serengeti. A huge grassland area which has millions of wildebeest's

From these places guests are sure to enjoy the best of Africa. Within each of the countries mentioned above guests can engage in various activities such as game drives. Here guests can enjoy close views of wild animals from the safety of a truck. There is always something fascinating to see when tourists visit Africa on a safari.

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