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Making The Most Of Your Time In South Florida

The number one concern facing most families when they are planning a vacation is how to guarantee that they are getting the most bang for their buck. This is obviously something that everyone planning a vacation thinks about, but when it comes to families, there are that many more opinions and preferences that have to be considered. Because of this, many families don't even consider island vacations because of the preconceived notion that there simply won't be enough to do to maintain everyone's attention and enthusiasm for several days. It's time for those families to take a look at Key West, Florida.

Key West has obtained an international reputation as a party town with a legendary nightlife, and this is certainly true, but it is only one aspect of what makes it such an alluring destination. Along with all of those bars, the Key West restaurants are equally famous. Sitting on the edge of the Caribbean basin, these restaurants offer the freshest seafood, including their iconic conch fritters and the best key lime pie, naturally. Many times, the specials for dinner that night were swimming around the ocean that morning. Whether you are looking for a casual waterfront place with outdoor dining to grab a bite or a formal island fine dining experience, there are so many to choose from, you'd never have to visit the same place twice (unless you want to.)

Being a tropical island means that there are plenty of beaches to choose from, and once you choose your patch of sand, there is even so much more to choose from. You can spend the day relaxing with your favorite book, you can rent snorkel fins and a mask and explore the underwater nature just feet from the shore, or you can even explore the remains of a Civil War era fort. The more adventurous can rent a boat for the day or just a few hours, and if you want to really see all of the natural beauty, there are several choices of snorkeling adventures that will take you and your family out to the only barrier reef in the United States.

As much as it is a town of beauty and nature (two of the reasons why more people have their island weddings here than anywhere else in the Caribbean), Key West is also a historical town, one of the longest settled locations in the country. Drawing influences from past residents including Bahamians, Cubans and even revolutionary war era New England sailors and whalers, this history can be experienced not just in the food from the Key West restaurants, but also through the preserved history of the architecture by taking a casual stroll through Old Town. And of course, no day in Key West is complete without taking part in the daily sunset celebration. For your next family vacation to South Florida, be sure to go just as far south as you can and visit Key West, Florida.

About the Author

Jack Terry is a travel and lifestyle writer who lived in Key West for several years, making him a true expert in this subject, and about the excellent island cuisine of restaurants like http://www.rooftopcafekeywest.com.

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