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Lost in Attractive Sangke Prairie in Gansu

Sangke Prairie is located in Xiahe County of South Gansu Autonomous Region of the Zang Nationality, which belongs to the meadow prairie, with an average altitude of well over 3,000 m above sea level. The grassland area has reached 70 square kilometers. Sangke Prairie is regarded as one of the important and main bases of livestock husbandry in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the southern Cansu province.

Sangke Prairie is surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks. The middle section is flat and open alpine grassland. There's the large Xia river flowing slowly from north to south. Abundant water and grass graced the landscape. Herds of sheep and cows were spread over the prairie under the blue sky and white cloud. What a lovely pastoral scene.

Sangke Prairie traditionally was the natural grazing grounds of the Tibetan people out of Tibet (where you can have Tibet Tours). Sangke Prairie could be the place to hold a memorial ceremony for the Great Spirit King Gesar of an old legend. Sangke Prairie had the free flowing contour, a vast expanse of rich natural fishpond, the stout and strong flocks and herds, which had made it became the main production base of livestock.

Now, with the emergence of mass tourism, Sangke Prairie had become the hot spot for passengers all over the world to go sightseeing and traveling. People from all backgrounds can visit Sangke Prairie. The beauty spot had opened the unique tourism project of traditional Tibetan feelings, built the tents that specially provide accommodation for visitors. Travelers could also choose to wear the dress and adornments, ride their fine horses or yaks to gallop over the vast grasslands.

people could stroll across the grassland, absorbing the customs and habits of Tibetan herdsmen to your heart's content. Each year, the Tibetan people celebrate the Xianglang Festival in their time-honored ways in Sangke Prairie. The grassland is as beautiful as a painting every June, with the sweetened milk and spiced meat. The monks in the temple were making pretences of gathering sticks in order to get to the outdoors reunion with their families.

It's just the golden season around June 15 in the Chinese lunar calendar. The whole family might make wonderful China Holidays, came to the vast grassland of exceptional natural beauty, lived comfortably and spent many idle hours relaxing. The extremely attractive activity of being relaxing to be around nature, even the monks in the temple might envy.

People all wore festival costumes to the mountaintop merrily on the previous morning day. They fire shots and set off firecrackers, shouted its pleasure, called down the gods for eliminating disasters, protected the entire village people for a blessing on the crops and thriving domestic animals. Then they began various amusements activities.

When night fell, the compatriots of the Tibetan nationality who are good at singing and dancing draped around the glowing bonfire and sing the beautiful song that you can enjoy for your China vacation deals. They rose and danced in a happy mood to enjoy themselves to the utmost. People fell to dreaming of better days to come until late in the evening.