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Impressive Travel Experience to Tulugou National Forest Park in Gansu

Tulugou National Forest Park is located in the hinterland of Liancheng woodland in Yongdeng County of Gansu Province, which is at the foot of the eastern foothills of Qilian mountain ranges. The total area is 5848.4 hectares and the altitude is between 1998 and 3165 meters. Tulugou National Forest Park is located in the Liancheng national level nature reserve, about 5,800 hectares of forest and the forest coverage reaching 79.2%.

Tulugou National Forest Park is situated in the border area and the transitional region from the Loess Plateau to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau you can consider it after your Tibet Travel. Unique geological landscape, the unconstrained and rushing Datong River had embraced and nursed the spectacular and fantastic landscape of this place. The boiling river and rushing waterfalls are seen everywhere in the rolling foothill area.

The blossoms in the valleys are in full bloom. The thickly clustered conifers and deciduous mixed forest is halfway up the hill. There're bush and meadow at the top of the mountain. The hidden valley and clear stream could stretch for dozens of miles, which could make the beauty spot become the ideal place for tourist holiday, relaxation, summer resort, angling, great delicacy, expedition, wild camping, sketching and popular science.

The murmuring of the running water that was clear to the bottom of warbled over its rocky bed. The lofty peaks are as of the heaving of the sea, with the immense forest, rich and varied vegetation. The whole scenic spot had the temperate semiarid climate. Here you could view the luscious grass and sweet water, cattle and sheep found everywhere. Sturdy steeds might dash down the grassland.

The quite imposing splendor is like a painting reproduced in black and white. People could stroll through the pasture, which could afford visitors great pleasure. Tulugou was originally the place inhabited by multi-ethnic groups, affected by mountain climate with plenty of rainfall. There're overlapping steep peaks, the lush and verdant forest trees inside the scenic spot during your China trips.

There's one winding path leading to a secluded spot, which could make the primitive natural scenic spot without any artifact carving trace. Inside the scenic spot is Tulu river that heads up in Ebo peak flows from northwest to southeast. There's a highway threading its way through the valley along the river valley. Each movement of step will bring the different sceneries on both banks of the river, with magnificent and very varied sights.

The vast and immense forest, towering ancient trees, the murmuring stream, singing birds and fragrant flowers are seen everywhere, which looks just like the picture gallery. The park is very famous for its breathtaking natural scenery. When you strolled across the place and the first thing that catches the eye was the immense forest, rich and varied vegetation.

Reputed as the messenger of the ship of the desert and the Silk Road which is chosen by many foreign tourists during China Holidays, Tuofeng peak is blessed with their green livery of spring to meet the arrival of visitors. The top of the mountain is the rich grassland, the broad pasture land, with the occasional wonderful folk song, which is very pleasing to the visitors.