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Tips on finding a cheap hotel in London

Finding cheap accommodation in any area of London that not only fits well in your budget but also serve the purpose of your visit is not an easy task. You need to keep so many things in mind and book the hotel that offers best accommodation and amenities at best prices.

London remains bustled with crowd for it being one of the most visited cities of the world and a business hub. Therefore, finding a budget hotel – no matter what is the purpose of your visit – is a daunting task. If you want to find an affordable accommodation in the area you are planning to visit, it is but imperative that you do the booking well in advance to avoid the hassles that may follow with last-minute booking. For example, if you plan to visit Kensington and want to find the cheap hotels in Kensington, you need to consider certain things. Read the following lines that will help you ensure your book the right hotel on time.

Area you are visiting

The first thing to ensure you book the cost effective accommodation is to keep the area of London that you are going to visit. This will help you narrow down your research and find the best ones that suit your needs, requirements and budget the most. Do keep the type of lodging you want in mind too. If you want to live in a moderately priced hotels or bed and breakfast facility, you can search for accommodation accordingly. Being clear about your visiting city and the type of accommodation you want will help you do the booking right and on time.

Do extensive research

Once you are clear about the area of visit and type of accommodation you want, you can do extensive research to make a list of budget hotel in the area that suit your requirements the most. Make a list of at least 10 budget hotels that are located in the safe area and offer great amenities at lowest possible prices. The extensive research will help you narrow down the contenders and make the best choice out of them.


After making the list of budget hotel, the next step is to compare the facilities, services, amenities and customer support they offer. Do keep the list of amenities and prices offered in mind. Based on this, you can further narrow down the search and find the best accommodation. If your area of concern is Kensington, a list of cheap hotels in Kensington will help you ensure your interests.


Easy access to the accommodation is of paramount concern too. If you are visiting for a business and leisure purposes, easy access will help you reach to your meeting points easily or for that matter, access all the tourist hotspots of historical, natural, architectural as well as cultural importance with relative ease. Easy access will help you save time and money that you would perhaps waste on visiting and coming back from the area of your concern.

Look for the best deal

With the rising competition in all area, budget hotels offer discount coupons, special offers and deals to those who book in advance. These offers go on during on and off-season time to lure more and more visitors. This results in your favour as you can compare and bag the best offer to keep your staying costs as low as possible.