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Things I Have Learnt While Traveling

To travel is to explore. To learn and discover. Irrespective of hoe clichd this may sound its true. Traveling is nothing short of an addiction, but the good healthy type! To be on the road. Away from one's stationary life, is when you grow and it's mostly happening when you are out of your comfort zone. So for starters convince yourself to believe and take the leap of faith. Here's to what I've learnt while being on the road and traveling the world.

First and more most, The world is a safe place. For the most part Peoples fear of being harmed gets in the way of them having fun. I have never been mugged or being harassed and it's not like crimes such as these don't happen, but don't let the fear control you. Be careful and prepared and you shall be just fine. Hence, don't live in fear, it will suck all the fun out of it!

Secondly, don't be afraid to be alone, at home or while traveling. Alone time is good time. It's the perfect way to process and meditate and more often than not make the most important decisions of your life (I know I did). While being in solitude or experiencing your own version of eat. Pray. Love and travel your mind wanders off to places you would have never imagined. Also to be alone gives you a greater incentive to meet new people and socialize out of your comfort zone.
Thirdly, life is not a competition and 'yes' is mostly the best answer to everything. Not only does it keep you out of trouble, but it also creates the habit of listening to others point of view and that helps you grow=) Also, having traveled a whole lot places does not and will not make you wiser. It doesn't work that way. It's how much you experience and absorb during your expedition. It's one of those qualities over quantity kind of thing
Fourthly, everyone has lots to learn and grown from. My mantra now is 'wherever you go, go with all your heart'- Confucius. Whether you travel completely planned or asking and exploring along the way, and seeking knowledge, you are at all times totally in control of the extent that the world knows you and can understand you. Faith and curiosity are your greatest resources so use them well!
As an ending note, let's talk a little about money, expenses and the wonderful creation of earning miles while traveling. With the opportunity to be a valued customer and countless value deals, your traveling dream only gets easier to achieve.
Take the plunge, the opportunity and travel away, explore and advance and take full advantage of the internet being at your disposal and create the best memories possible.

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