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5 Travel Tips For A Visit to The Beautiful Hill Station of Shimla

There is a reason why Shimla is called the ‘Queen of hills'. It is small and colorful amidst natural and serene surroundings. Enormous Deodar and Pine trees surround the area and make the visitors feel at peace. All the travelers know and expect maximum activity and crowd on the Mall Road. Thus, Hotels in Shimla near Mall Road are the ones that prove most suitable to stay in.


Travelers can follow these pointers and have the most fulfilling experience travelling to the magical place called Shimla:

  • The Mall Road is one of the places where people get to see brilliant things. They should visit the place and see it flowing with hardware, stationery, spices and garment shops. It is a wonderful place to see the retro hand-painted signs that are hanging since the rule of the British in India. The colorful shawls and native hats are unique and one should surely get some of them.
  • One should take full benefit of the weather that Shimla has. Ideally, the months of April and May are wonderful to enjoy the cold weather. It is a respite for those who live in the horrid hot areas and sweat through the summer months. December and January are brilliant for those who wish to see the whole town transforming into a Christmas card. The snowfall is simply beautiful, if the travelers are ready to deal with the dropping temperatures. Monsoon is a little risky and gloomy time for the hill station, however it remains beautiful throughout.
  • People should always be equipped to deal with emergency situations and carry medicines along. It is advisable that travelers eat only at good and hygienic restaurants and drink water from sealed water bottles. Passport and Identity proofs should be carried and strangers should never be trusted.
  • Eating in Shimla is a pleasurable affair with a lot of delicious options for all. There are standard hangout coffee shops like Cafe Coffee Day and Barista on the Mall Road. Fancy restaurants include the Cecil and Lutyen's Room. The gravy of the vegetables tastes great and fresh.
  • Tourist spots and heritage locations include Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Himachal State Museum and the Gaiety Heritage Cultural complex.

 These reasons and tips make travelling to Shimla a very pleasant and enriching experience.It is perceived that it is a very small place, but the youth is very updated with the latest fashion and like to enjoy themselves to the fullest. One can see it in the way they move around their territory in Shimla. The amount of people who go and stay at Hotels in Shimla Near Mall Road is proof enough that it is one of the most popular places in the country.