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Visiting Krakow - The Oldest City of Poland

Krakow, the second largest city of Poland, is a historical milestone of the country. The city is expanded on the both banks of Vistula River. It is situated on the feet of Carpathian Mountains and encompasses breathtaking views and a number of tourist attractions.


The city encloses a huge history behind its construction and restoration. The city dates back in ancient centuries and it remained the capital of Poland from the year 1038 to 1596. It still holds the position of the capital city of Lesser Poland Voivodeship. There is a famous tale about the city that it was constructed on the cave of a dragon, who, was killed by King Krak. The small settlement of Krakow was raised to a prosperous city through the commerce with many rulers of Europe.

Visiting Krakow

Krakow is one of the most visited places in past few years. The city is enclosed with unforgettable sceneries, breathtaking views and historical monuments. Owing to such quality, it becomes a must visit place in the world. Most popular tourist attractions of the city are-

  • Wawel Castle: The Castle was constructed on the orders of Casimir III the Great, the ruler from 1333 to 1370. The monument is a center of history and culture in the city. It used to be the dwelling of the kings of the Poland, but, now has become the supreme art museum of the country.
  • Block 11: The name was given to a block building in Auschwitz concentration camp. This part of the camp was constructed in order to punish the prisoners through torture.
  • Ojców National Park: A national park that was established in the year 1956. The park is the smallest one of the country and is spread into an area 21.46 km².
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine: Situated in the township of Wieliczka in southern Poland, the mine was actually built in the 13th century. It is one of the oldest salt mines in the world that is still in function. The amazing fact of the mine lies in the dozen of statues, the chapels and cathedral that is built by the miners with rock salt.
Where to stay?

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