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Get Lost in the Stunning Beauty of Luxury Villas in Mykonos

Mykonos, a historical place and a name which evokes mystery and fantasy, is one of the many Greek islands and an important part of the Cyclades. It is situated right between Tinos, Paros, Syros and Naxos and spans over an area of about 85.5 square kilometers or 33.0 square miles. With as little as 10,134 inhabitants according to the latest census, this tiny tropical paradise is a true heaven for travelers from all over the globe and one of the most sought after Grecian destinations of all times.

With stunning beaches and impressive sights, a vast history going back to ancient times and plenty of legends for voyagers to discover, the magical island of Mykonos now brings forward a new attraction, one which will surely place this little slice of heaven at the top of the Mediterranean islands: the luxury villas in Mykonos which are now available for rent. A gigantic infinity pool in front of a stunning Mediterranean garden, a breathtaking view and a couple of your most intimate friends, all with you in a place which looks like a cutout from a high end magazine. The villas for rent in Mykonos are surely the best choice a tourist can make. What can be a better start to a tremendous holiday in paradise?

Start your journey towards Petros or the Mykonos windmills from a lavishing and sumptuous accommodation in order to enjoy the beauty of this place at its fullest. Visit Little Venice and the Armenistis Lighthouse, before turning back to your villa and preparing for a night out in the island which has been nicknamed "Ibiza of Greece". Continue the next days with a great tour of the Municipal Library, Tria Pigadia and Archaeological Museum of Mykonos before lounging in your very own private swimming pool for the rest of the afternoon.

An outstanding place for love and its participants, Mykonos has proven to be one of the most sought after destinations for newly weds and couples celebrating their bonds and strengthening their love amongst the heavenly views and romantic walks on the stony shores. Get lost in the unbelievable beauty of the surroundings and spoil yourself with an experience you will never forget. It can all be completed with a great accommodation solution, as no classic hotel or motel can march the incredible feeling of escape into another world than the lavishing villas on the shoreline.

If you want to benefit from the complete experience and total transition into a new life, the place you start your journey in has to match the purpose and therefore, always go for a villa you could live in for the rest of your life. Inside swimming pools and marvel finishes, they can all be a part of your captivating fantasy realm which will grow on you so much that you will surely wish to come back for another visit every single year. With prices starting at 6000 € a week for 2 guests and going up to 21840 €/week for 14 travelers, there will certainly be a great bargain for you and those joining you on this impressive voyage.

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