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Transfers From Salzburg Airport and Other FAQs

If you're heading to Salzburg for a short break and have never visited this wonderful city before, you may have some questions. Are there transfers from Salzburg Airport? What are the top attractions of the city? And where exactly is it? These questions and more are answered below.

Is the city in Germany or Austria?

It's in Austria - even though its sits on the German border. It has, at times in the past, been part of the German state of Bavaria but that was a long time ago. Austria was temporarily and illegally occupied by Nazi Germany immediately before World War II but was restored to its full independence afterwards.


Is the centre restored?

Allied bombing during the Second World War very heavily damaged parts of the city, largely around the railway station, but much of its Baroque centre survived. Inevitably, some damage was caused, and has been repaired and restored over the decades - perhaps notably the Mozart residence where around 2/3rds was destroyed by bombing but subsequently restored as it had been beforehand.

Is the castle original?

Yes, and it's probably the first thing you'll see in the city as you arrive on your transfers from Salzburg Airport. Construction started in the 11th century, and what you see today is original and not a tourist fabrication. Of course, over the past almost 1,000 years the castle has been constantly modified as the needs of warfare and security changed, but it is totally authentic.

How can I get up to the castle?

Many tourists take the funicular railway from the town centre - it's picturesque, practical and modestly priced. You can, of course, walk if you prefer, but it will take quite some effort, so be prepared.

How can I gain entrance to the attractions at the lowest price?

Different attractions may have different schemes but it makes a lot of sense to enquire at your hotel or a tourist centre about purchasing "The Salzburg Card". For a very reasonable price this gives a huge range of reduced rate entrances and discounts. Your hotel or the driver on your transfers from Salzburg Airport should have full details.

What is the Stiegl Brauwelt?

This is a great exhibition centre covering the area's beer brewing traditions. You can take tours, eat great local food and perhaps above all, do some tasting! Strangely, this is often a very popular day out!

Can I get into Mozart's Birthplace?

Yes, it is a museum and has been since the late 19th century. There are many personal items that are directly linked to him, including his violin. It's a fascinating visit, though do remember to get there early because it can become busy at peak times in the high season.

Is the Toy Museum worth a visit?

That depends upon your interests and, of course, toys aren't unique to this city's history.
However, this is a charming and informative museum with some excellent and fun exhibits. Most visitors thoroughly enjoy it.

Is it easy to get to the city centre from the airport?

Yes, transfers from Salzburg Airport are plentiful and usually modestly priced. Just remember to book ahead if there is anything unusual about your party - including special luggage or travel requirements.

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