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Travel to Galapagos and other visits you can do throughout Ecuador

When you decide to trip to Ecuador, you should know that this large country has many places that are forced to be visited. It stands out for being a rich country - not only for the money it gets from petroleum but also for its past history and the remains that can still be observed in the main buildings of its capital cities.

However, the vast majority of this richness comes from nature. This refers to the existence of places such as the Amazon region or the Galapagos Islands. Both recognized globally as truly examples of nature in all its glory. One cannot afford to lose the opportunity to learn about one of the main lungs of the Earth - the Amazon area; but you must not miss the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the islands like the Galapagos - the place from where it was born the theory of the evolution of species by Charles Darwin.

Ecuadorian travel agencies offer eco-tourism over the nine national parks in the country. Among them also stays in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands.

In the Amazon one can stay in any of the resorts that are located in the middle of the jungle and feel what it means to "sleep" in the middle of the jungle for once in his life. You can practice adventure sports such as kayaking or listen the singing of more than 600 species of birds that exist in the Amazon from a vantage point especially enabled. Even cruises are organized in which the traveller can make inroads into the waters of this magnificent region and meet first-hand the indigenous tribes that currently inhabit the area.

On the other hand, although not very different from the concept used in the tourism of the Amazonia, with a travel to Galapagos, tourists can see the islands aboard one of the luxury cruises which offer the Ecuadorian agencies. On a daily basis are organized tours by the islands on which you can easily watch the giant turtles of the area, the iguanas and the sea lions that live there; and sports can also be practised – immersion, to learn at the same time the marine fauna and flora that are also part of this stunning setting.

A trip of this type should be found on the official agenda of any traveller who has an interest in learning about countries with a great natural and historical richness. The world, as we know it today, was born probably at sites such as these and we should be thankful for the opportunity to observe it today and learn how to not continue destroying a planet that is our number one source of primary power in all aspects.