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Guerin Car Rental Solutions

Guerin Car Rental Solutions

Guerin Car Rental Solutions is Ibericar Comapany and is based in Portugal. It was established in 1989 with the backing of the Grupo Salvador Caetano and Mapfre. All customers are offered a unique travel experience and this is set out in the company’s mission statement. A large number of companies have already been chosen as partners. Recently, the company has undertaken a number of environmental projects to show how it is caring for the wider community.

Outside of Portugal’s cities, intrepid explorers can soak up Portugal’s pleasant sunny weather and explore ancient vineyards, stone villages and mountains that decorate the country’s spectacular coastline. All along the coast visitors will find picturesque landscapes including windswept cliffs with stunning views and spiky, dune –clad beaches. This scenery invites travellers to engage in a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Hiking, surfing, horse-riding kayaking, diving, hill-walking, cycling and golf are just some of the activities open to those who choose to spend time outdoors.

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