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Documents required while Applying for an Indian visa from USA

If you are travelling to India, especially from the country of America, you will need to apply for a travel permit which is a visa for India. This process is as easy as any other application process for a travel permit, with the requirements almost the same. In this article, we give you related information about the process for the India visa application and the necessary documents that are required for it.


Type of Travel permit

When travelling to another country, you will need a specially granted permit. In the same way, when travelling to India, you will require the visa for India. This travel permit needs to reflect the purpose of your visit. There are several types of permits which you can select as part of the India visa application that serves the purpose of your travel. The following lists are the different types:

o    Business
o    Conference
o    Diplomatic
o    Employment
o    Emergency
o    Entry
o    Journalist
o    Medical
o    Missionaries
o    Permit for re – entry within two month period
o    Research
o    Student
o    Tourist inclusive of permit on arrival
o    Transit visa

Application form

Having selected the type of travel permit that will suit your need, you will need to submit the application form for the Visa for India.  This form can be requested at the closest embassy or can be applied for online. Ensure that when you are applying, you make two separate copies, each filled with the appropriate and accurate details and each should be signed by the applicant.

Additional documents required

The India visa application requires a set of standard documents which is standard for most travel permits. This includes the following:

o    2 photographs in accordance with the international standards
o    Proof of identity
o    Proof of financial statement
o    Passport that is valid at least for 6 months.

The secondary documents that needed to be submitted depend on the type of visa that is being applied for:

o    Birth certificate
o    Sponsorship letters
o    Undertaking from the company/ educational institute
o    Medical reports
o    No objection certificate from the government
o    Letter from senior professional/ head endorsing the applicants skill

Submission of documents
Once all the necessary papers have been collected, one should submit it at the nearest embassy or consulate for processing. You will need to take an appointment before you submit the documents. This process will take anywhere between 3 to 5 days, which is not inclusive of national holidays and working days.

Status tracking

Once the documents are submitted, you will have to wait for the alert. You can track the status of application by logging on to the official website and submitting the reference number and passport number. You will receive real time updates on whether your application is delayed or rejected. Once you get the approval, you get your visa and passport before you begin your journey.