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Best Budget Hotel in Mysore

Mysore is the 3rd largest city of Karnataka, India and served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Mysore for over 6 centuries from 1399 to 1947. Located just 146 kms away from the capital city of Bangalore it spreads through the area of 128.42 square kilometers. The city is one of the most important city of Karnataka holds a very important place in history of India because this is the city from where Tipu Sultan ruled. Mysore is also very important for its close location with Bangalore and it is training center for many big companies as well as it is very well located so that one could see and travel all around the Karnataka from Mysore.

Mysore has visitors flooding in every year and it is due to its cultural and historical significance. The kingdom of Mysore was the most beautiful Kingdom of British India. It has many beautiful places to see like Mysore Palace and during Dasara Festivals when the city receives a large number of tourists the city is beautifully decorated. The city has many tourists round the year and due to this the hospitality business is one of the most promising and growing business in the city. There are all types of hotels in the city that would suffice your need and requirements. There is everything you would require from a nice big 5 star hotel with expensive rooms and stuff to a sweet little budget hotel in Mysore.

The people of Mysore and the hotel owners understand that everyone cannot afford to spend a large sum on big 5 star hotels and hence they require something that would fit their budget while their stay in the city. These hotels have everything that you would need, require or desire for you nice and pleasant stay in the city and that too at a very reasonable cost. The rooms are great and very comfortable, clean and tidy and highly hygienic in every sense possible. They keep every need of the customer in mind and could take care of everything that you would ask them to. The staffs at these hotels are generally local with great knowledge of surrounding always ready to help and assist you in anyway possible. They take the need of their guest as their prime work and put the satisfaction of the clients as their priority.

These budget hotels in Mysore have really warm and affectionate staff. They will arrange for everything for you from, the places to see to the vehicle to take you around the town. They would do anything in their power to make your stay as pleasant as possible for them so that when you look back you remember the time spent with great delight and have happy memories of the place.  They have nice pleasant atmosphere and nice food that will make your taste buds feel like on the tour of heaven. They specialize in local cuisines and sweets such as Mysore pat and Mysore petha. They stay with them is though less costly as compared to a 5 star hotel, but you will get a service which is on par with them if not better. All that glitters is not gold and sometime things that seem to be unappealing could be little more appealing that something that is not.