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Five Star Diamond in Johannesburg

One unwritten rule of traveling that can make your brake your holiday or business trip is accommodation. Accommodation is a very important part of any trip. If you are not comfortable in your surrounding then you will not get a good night's rest and with the pase that we are living at the moment our rest all that more important.

When booking accommodation for your trip there is certain aspects to keep in mind namely, comfort, location and security and The Winston Hotel understands this perfectly. Owners of The Winston Hotel saw that there was a need for a top of the range hotel to cater to all holiday & business trips.

The Winston Hotel team takes pride in their work and in making your stay as pleasurable as possible. Making sure you receive the best possible services is what gets The Winston Hotel team up in the morning.

All types of travelers can stay at The Winston Hotel, business travels & holiday travelers, our doors are open for overnight accommodation if you are just passing through Johannesburg.

With our rooms decorated in five star boutique style you can rest assured that we will definitely have a room or rooms to suite your requirements. The three main design lines for the rooms that we focused on is: Le Bijou, Royal Safari & Manor House. Each room is also fitted with a king-size bed to ensure you a comfortable nights rest.

But our services does not stop there, we have combined our five star accommodation with mouthwatering dinner menus. With residents from all corners of Johannesburg dinning at our hotel to have a taste of our unique and divine meals. At The Winston Hotel you can rest assure that you with sleep comfortable and enjoy a perfectly cooked meal.

We completely understand how a day in the busy city can tire a person out for that reason we have created a few relaxing areas all throughout the hotel, making sure that you feel right at home with us.

We keep our business travels close to heart and have therefor set a well laid out area where business meetings can be held in private and deals can be closed. Giving you an office away from the office. We also have a well equip Conference and events venue. We can provide you with the perfect venue for all your companies conference needs and also all events.

Concerned with getting to and from the airport to the hotel? Don't be, The Winston Hotel has gone the extra mile by providing chauffeur-driven transfer services to make your trip much more stress free. If you are a person that chooses adventure then you can make use of the Gautrain that stops walking distance from The Winton Hotel and we will collect your bags making the trip much more comfortable.

The Winston Hotel, five 5 star hotel in Johannesburg, we are here to make your stay memorable & comfortable.

About the Author

The Winston Hotel provides5 star luxury in the very heart of Johannesburg,Gauteng. They are well-known for their warm hospitality, unique interior, conference and business facilities and so much more. 5 Star Boutique-Hotels Johannesburg are graded at the highest levels and seen as the jewel hotels. Let The Winston Hotel be your jewel accommodation in Johannesburg

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