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Hotels in Shimla near Mall Road

Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station and retains an old world charm that one can still see in the heritage bungalows and cobbled streets. This is accredited to the visit made by two Britits during colonial times. The place is truly alluring as it lies at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. The greenery, beauty and serene nature of the place makes it a good destination for couples and honeymooners as well. People can come with their families and enjoy bird watching and camping activities as well. There are plenty of good Darjeeling Hotels to stay at.


Here are the five topmost things that make for the best holiday at the hill station:

  • A Visit to The Peace Pagoda Overview: A short distance from Darjeeling away, stands four avatars of Buddha. All sorts of people can go and visit the site which was created from 1972 to 1992. It stands in favor of peace and propensity for the world and the visitors come back with a good vibe and experience within themselves.
  • A Visit To The Famous tea Plantations: Darjeeling is famous for its tea and there are more than 86 gardens that produce it. People can hire a guide and go on tours that allow them to see and taste the high quality Dooars and Terai teas fresh from its origin. Mall road also has a lot of shops for people interested in getting tea. But, nothing compares to a visit to the exquisite tea gardens that make the hill station so popular.
  • Going to The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo overview: The institute was established by Tenzing Norway. There is a memorial for him and a museum that showcases some equipment used by him to reach Mount Everest. The zoo is full of birds and animals, all of the exotic kind. It is enjoyable to take a long stroll amidst those creations of nature.
  • Paying a Visit to the Crowded and Lively Chowrasta: Chowrasta means the merging of four roads. This area is the famous Mall Road part where plenty of lanes and bylanes merge to form a lively hub where people walk around purchasing things, eating out of stalls or joints and so on. It is the most crowded and colorful part of the city.
  • Having a Joyful toy Tarin Ride: This is a marvelous hill passenger train that is unique to the country of India. The experience of travelling in a train so open and cheery is simply unforgettable.

Top-end Darjeeling Hotelsinclude Mayfair and Windamere. There are plenty of low and mid range options as well. It is a very versatile travel spot and people allocating all such budgets can spend a good holiday there.