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Budget hotels in Hyderabad near Oracle Area

Hyderabad, historically known as City of Pearls, continues to attract million of travelers from all around the world. One of the largest contributors to India's gross domestic product (GDP), the city is also a preferred destination for business travelers. If you are looking for a budget hotel in Hyderabad, then hotels near Oracle, Hyderabad are highly recommended to you.


These pocket friendly hotels are easily approachable and offers an upbeat accommodation in the heart of Hyderabad. Located in the heart of IT hub of Madhapur, these hotels in Hyderabad offers fully air conditioned rooms and suites for you to unwind in. Some of these hotels also offer an option of King and Twin beds. If your hotel is offering complimentary Internet access then you must not think twice before booking a room. Hotels near Oracle Hyderabad offer fully air-conditioned aesthetically designed modern rooms equipped with world-class amenities such as LCD TVs, tea and coffee maker, mini fridge and a high quality mattress, which has been exclusively designed to induce a cozy sleep experience. Normally these rooms offer close to home comfort and have an area between 232 Sq. Ft. to 250 Sq. Ft. If you are planning to stay in Hyderabad during Dussehra then these hotels are highly recommended.

Some of these hotels in Hyderabad also offer rooms for differently abled persons. Equipped with wide doors for the room and bathroom, a seating chair in shower cubicle, a lower height for the vanity counter and water closet, these rooms always make sure that their special guests are at peace. Whether you are game for light meals, healthy snacks or wholesome meals, these hotels in Hyderabad offer something for all. These hotels offer a multi-cuisine restaurant, wherein you can satisfy your food cravings. Also, some of the hotels have gone beyond the level of services and comfort provided to the guests, quite a few hotels in Hyderabad have installed a vending machine, stocked with utility items such as toothpaste, brush, razor in their lobby. On the other hand, a fully equipped gymnasium is always available to have you rejuvenated at any given point of time. If you are enjoying a working vacation in Hyderabad then these hotels also offer meeting room space with conference room facility. With a seating capacity of 70 people, this room is equipped with high speed Wi-Fi connectivity, a sound system, a large screen TV and other smart features. You can also choose from theatre, classroom style, roundtable and U shaped type of seating to suit your style and requirement. So, these hotels in Hyderabad are a complete package which can come handy to your next business or leisure expedition to the city.