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Bed and Breakfast in London vs Room Only

When you decide to visit London, the first things you normally consider are all the special places you want to visit. You will probably want to go to the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery. Tate Modern, the London Eye, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and probably Madame Tussauds.

So much to do, so little time! After considering all the amazing places you want to visit, you will probably next be concerned about where you will stay. This is where the fun really starts.

Booking a visit to London can be a difficult enterprise if you cannot find an adequate place to stay overnight, a base from which to explore the city. Often people try to book a hotel room at the last minute and are disappointed when they discover that many hotel rooms and places to stay overnight are fully booked and that your planned visit may need to take a different course.

Bed and breakfast accommodation in London is an often overlooked alternative way to stay when you visit London. The best bed and breakfast accommodation in London is also that which has the easiest and most convenient access to the major tourist attractions that you may hoping to see.

By booking bed and breakfast accommodation in London, you are investing in a simpler stay. You do not have to ring lots of different hotels looking for a vacancy for the night or nights you want to stay. You can simply search for budget hotels in London online and see which hotels are vacant for the nights you are wishing to stay for. This really is so much easier than dealing with multiple hotel chains!

If you want a more convenient way to stay in London, why would you pay to stay in a room only that doesn't even offer breakfast when you wake up in the morning? Most hotels try to get you to pay for the breakfast, sometimes costing as much as an evening meal and so it seems ridiculous to think that anyone would even consider doing so when you have a plethora of bed and breakfast accommodation in London.

Most London bed and breakfast accommodations are far more relaxed and informal when compared to the often snooty hotel culture that the capital has to offer. Bed and breakfast owners are much more down to earth and relaxed, which helps you to feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Gone are the uncomfortable silences as you wait at the front desk as the surly receptionist looks for your booking. Instead you are greeted with civility and courtesy as you are welcomed into a home from home.

So the next time you are looking for somewhere special to stay in London, don't just go on price or the number of stars alone, ask yourself, does this place have a bed and breakfast option? And if the answer is no, write it off your list and instead look only for bed and breakfast accommodation in London!