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Experiencing Typical African Wilderness at Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli

The continent of Africa is renowned for its unbelievably vast and diverse array of wildlife. However, till the recent past, trekking through the great African wilderness was pretty inconvenient on many aspects. Thus, most wildlife enthusiasts had to satisfy their hunger by watching the relevant TV channels. Extensive effort and enthusiasm have gone into improving the tourism infrastructure and bringing in more and more wildlife lovers to the continent since then. As a result of this organized effort, the continent is the pulsating hub of wildlife and nature tourism around the world. Nature lovers from all possible corners of the globe flock to this continent round the year.


Unbelievably richness of the continent's flora and fauna provides an exotic experience to the tourists – that remains fresh in the memory for an entire lifetime. On the other hand, it provides an excellent means of livelihood for the local community. As such, improving aspect of global tourism is a credible measure to improve the continent's economic condition. There are innumerable wildlife sanctuaries, scattered across the continent. Among these vast numbers of entities, the Amboseli National Park deserves being especially mentioned. The park is full of a vast and exotic range of wild beasts and birds. It covers a vast stretch of land covering almost 400 sq km area. Natural vegetation found here mostly include

  • Typical savannah grasses
  • Acacia plants and trees and
  • Thorny bushes

The sanctuary encompasses several interesting UNESCO World Heritage features, like

  • The Lake Amboseli and
  • Natural swamps like Ol Tukai and Olo Kenya, etc.

As such, the Amboseli Park is one of the busiest wildlife reserves not only in Kenya but, across entire Africa as well.

The Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park is the most favorite lodging destination of tourists coming here. The lodge is located right within the unbelievable wilderness of the renowned forest, exactly at the foothills of the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro. As such, the breathtaking panorama that one experiences from the lodge is truly ever memorable. The accommodation facility came up as recent as in 1996. The lodge has been facilitating tourist activity across the region since then. 

There are about 80 luxury double-bedrooms that provide direct view of the natural marshes, as well as the majestic mountain nearby. Rooms are elegantly furnished and provide ample urban luxuries in the midst of unbelievable African wilderness. Each room has attached verandas and bathrooms. As such, the lodge provides optimum privacy to each party of guests. To accommodate physically challenged boarders, the lodge authority has designed two rooms as per EU standard.

Exotic foods that the restaurants serve provide ultimate gastronomic satisfaction to guests. The guests are treated to typical African barbecues and Swahili fish preparations mostly at dinner tables. A sumptuous champagne buffet breakfast and the bush dinner are two exotic features in this context. The bars offer all the premium drinks at comparatively reasonable costs.

The lodge authority arranges exotic safari drives through the ferocious beasts-inhabited jungle. In fact, it is the best destination to experience typical sub-Saharan wilderness upfront.