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Explore the charming Mount Sun Forest Park in Suzhou

Mount Sun Forest Park is located within the territory of Qingzhou district in Tianshui City, which is the tourist resort that has gathered sightseeing, touring, mountain-climbing, picnic, angling, exploring, photography, teaching and scientific research merging into one organic whole. Mount Sun Forest Park is in the Maiji forest farm of Xiaolongshan forestry region, which is composed of Sun door, Stone door and Guanling River scenic spot.

There's a wide variety of wild fauna and flora in the park, with forest coverage reaching 69.1%. The air in the Mount Sun Forest Park with excellent surroundings is pure and healthy. Mount Sun Forest Park is known for its secluded strange, high, danger and elegant scenery. The forest scenes of four seasons are different. In March every year, the beautiful wild flowers are in blossom.

Among all those dazzling colors and brilliant beauty, the park is full of life. The luxuriantly green trees are covered all over the mountains and plains during the height of the summer. The cool breeze is blowing. In the golden season of autumn, the red autumn leaves are a more fiery scarlet. Woods and forests that glow with autumn tints could constitute a beautiful scene beyond description.

In deep winter, the hills and forests are clad in white. The park is covered with snow as if they were made of jade. There stood a lofty Mount Sun whose cloudy summit rushed into the very heavens. The vast expanse of misty and rolling waters is likely to be the most fascinating and magnificent. The main peak of Mount Sun rises to a height of over 2,059 meters, which was framed by a background of ancient Buddhist temple through the range of hills and the jungle.

The main peak is a bright pearl of Mount Sun. As with Huashi cliff, Sun Mountain is the sacred place of syncretism with Buddhism and Taoism. The construction project of the Xingdong Temple started in Sui and Tang Dynasties. It was originally built on the top of Mount Sun. Owning to the small inconvenience of climbing up. The temple moved from the top of the mountain to the foot of a mountain in the reign of Ming Emperor Xuan De.

The scenic sites in the park are chiefly characterized by its dignified imposing temples, the gorge and sky in line, fantastic mountain and enchanting peaks, the picturesque and secluded cliff cave, and the cascading water currents. The place is a natural zoo and botanical garden.

Xingdong temple nestling at the foot of the mountains is unique in flavor. The red walls and green tiles could really set each other off perfectly. On all sides of the temple are richly ornamented columns and beams. There're two millennium old trees inside the temple, which is indeed rarely seen among the scenic sites.

There're still many 100-year-old Platycladus orientalis around the temple, which intermingles with the stately elms, with twisting roots and intercrossing branches. The shady trees can hide the whole of the sun. Mount Sun Valley is couched on the place as of one dragon. The figure was meandering towards the west, with the shimmering waves.