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Singapore Tourism – Top 3 Things to Do On International Tour

Singapore is a cute little island country, which has a surprisingly long list of adventures and activities. Singapore tourism websites will help you in planning a travel itinerary for adventure sports, food fiesta or shopping spree easily. So, it can be challenging to find the right activities for travellers on the international tour packages from Mumbai, Sydney or New York.  Some travellers can get confused. But, check out the list of cool activities. These are must-do activities. They are part of several Singapore holiday packages. So, do take the time out to enjoy them.


Singapore botanic garden:

 This 74-hectre garden is a UNESCO world heritage site. But, it is a super fun travel attraction.  The first ever Singapore Botanical Garden was opened in 1822. Today, this garden has emerged as a cluster of several travel experiences. It has the national orchard garden. But, more importantly, it has small tropical rainforest too. Attractions like ginger garden, evolution garden and botany centre are so much fun.

There are a lot of exquisite views in this garden. But, even a casual walk in this stunning place is a delightful activity. Nature lovers and botany experts will be able to point the specific species. But, rest of the tourists will be able to enjoy the magnificent plants and flowers in this garden regardless.             


This is an ethnic neighbourhood in Singapore. If you are from New York or Melbourne, you are familiar with this concept. But, for travellers on the international tour packages from Mumbai or Prague, it is far more fascinating shopping and viewing experience. This part of Singapore tourism is definitely a unique joyride for travellers from any part of the globe.

 From streets and architecture to cuisine, Chinatown is a fascinating experience. Cultural facets of this neighbourhood have deep roots to China.  This cultural heritage is a significant part of Singapore travel experience. Catch it all on camera and enjoy every bit of it. Whether you empty your international credit card or fill up your camera memory, it is a great travel attraction. Vibrant colours, ethnic people and intriguing experience amplify joy of your holiday indeed.

Night Safari:

 Visit the world's first nocturnal zoo in Singapore. This open air zoo in the humid tropical forest is one of a kind experience. So, do include it in the international tour packages from Mumbai, Shanghai, or Rio. So much fun moments and surprises are an inherent part of this visit. It is almost an iconic symbol of Singapore tourism.

 So, what will you do on your Singapore holiday?